Rockstar Video Gaming Blogger Support and Unity #1

Gaming blogger could excel more than food, travel and fashion bloggers.  Here is the unity for gaming blogs and rockstars. In order to be successful in  blogging, there is alot of networking you have to do.  The video game market is very saturated and it’s a tough niche. I when to Twitter and found some gaming blogging websites to look into. We gamers have to support one other and if you want to have unity in blogging. Here is are some rock star gaming blogger I found out. Note: some of them have account and can’t comment on them.

11. AVGL- a video game life

AVGL is a video game blogger who talks about latest video game and has a YouTube channel.  Featuring let’s play on Battleborn, DOTA, Agents of Mayhew and more. Aside from gaming Jonathan post soccer games, UFC matches and tech stuff. Follow Jonathan Hirt on Twitter , Facebook and his blog.

10. NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

NekoJonez’s gaming blog does reviews, retrospective, first impressions and publishing. Neko has a forum,  Twitter  , Youtube , Steam , Tumblr   and Google+  page. Make sure to follow and support NekoJonez.  NekoJonez is partnered with other gaming bloggers and won award for  Market Inspector Best Technology Blog of 2017. Neko is a aspirating actor and has a community called Arpegi. Be sure to check out Neko’s gaming blog.

9. Adventure Rules

Adventure Rules blog revolves around discussing video games and take you on a journey. He gives you advice about current and past video games.  Adventure Rules post 3 times a week Monday trough Fridays  at 9 am est. The blog has different categories, A Casual Stroll is a guide and walkthrough also provide hints and tips. Adventure Rules Reviews is reviewing video games with a rating system.  Adventure Rules updates is where updates on upcoming post and on the blog. Blogger Blitz is a tournament where multiple bloggers choose characters to sponsor and face off. Make sure to check out Adventure Rules blog and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

8 . Retro Phil Blog

Phil blog is about indie game development. Showcasing his development from Tactical Blob Takedown.  Ranging from  unity 3D models to level design. Aside from game development Phil post about side projects and real life. Make sure to support Phil Walker’s blog and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

7. Shoot the Rookie

Pix1001 runs a video game blog and is bad at video game (joking) and writes about them.  Pix1001 loves beer (who doesn’t), football and other interest. Enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles and talks about past and present video games.  Walkthroughs, guides and video game discussion, Support Pix1001 blog and follow on Twitter.

6. The Dragon’s Tea Party

The Dragon’s Tea Party has a collection video game ramblings and opinions. There is a tea party theme to this blog and talk about onling gaming. Dragon favorite games are Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights, Skyrim and other MMORPG. Dragon’s Tea Party grew up as a Nintendo and PC fan.  Also have a section on Cosplay, Awards and Events. Sit down and let have tea with Dragon. Make sure to support Dragon’s Tea Party blog and follow on Twitter.


Falcon reviews and discuss about video games on the blog. Falcom is happily married  and he is like me I have to buy the game to review it. Falcon looks for playability, controls and  interactivity for gameplay wise. Presenation is broken down into three section graphics, audio and bugs. Afterwards focus on story and multiplayer then give it a score. Shelby is a huge nerd like me and was a editor for Xbox One UK website. Make sure to check out Falcon Reviews blog and follow him on Twitter.

4. OverThinker Y

OverThinker Y’s blog talk about video games, philosophy and modern society. There is different section of the blog,  Pop Culture OverThought, OutThinking Bad Reviews, Millennial Philosophy, Chiptune Chaos and Creativity Quest.  OverTthinker talk about tv shows, video games and many other. Check out OverThinker Y blog and follow on Twitter.

3. Later Levels

Later Levels is about video game opinion, conversations, live streams and question of the month. The idea of Later Levels blog is inspired by a book called 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die and conservation at a pub.  Later Level has a YouTube channel and Twitch stream if you want to check it out.  Make sure you follow Later Levels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

2. The Well Red Mage

The Well Red Mage is a great gaming blogger and I met Mage on Mage takes about retro and present video games, Eternal challenge is to encourage the read to participate in.  Mage has a score system which reminds you of a old-school  instruction manual. Red Mage has a Patreon page and Discord.  Make sure to support The Well Red Mage blog and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

1 . 16bit Dad

16bit Dad blog focus on parenting and retro gaming. 16-bit coves anime, marketing and many more. 16bit Dad has a Pateron   and coves PSX, SNES and other video game console platforms. 16bit got a award for top 100 uk blogs and his apart of the Mumset bloggers network . Make sure to support 16bit Dad blog and follow him on Twitter.

Gaming blogger must stick together and network with each other to be successful. There is not reason to be compete and being at odds with one other. I am should to find more gaming bloggers to network with and improve my own blog.  I will shout them out on this blog and check out their content. Remember this get your game and keep playing.

Author: anjimplays

I am a blogger, Twitch and YouTuber and have a goal to be self employed