Rad Rodgers: World One – Gamer Console Action Duo

A boy and his console


Rad Rodgers: World One  is a indie action-adventure platformer game developed by Interceptor Entertainment and published by 3D Realms. This game draws inspiration from 90’s MSDOS Games such as Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff’n’Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit. The plot of the game is Rad & Dusty’s adventure begins in the First World, taking them through seven dangerous stages of action-packed, humor-filled, hardcore platforming fun. This decaying jungle world has been infected by a fierce corruption, and it’s up to the unlikely buddy-duo Rad and Dusty to save the jungle’s inhabitants and restore the Elder Tree as guardian of the land.

In the game you play as Rusy – a gamer who finds a old game console and get suck into the TV (reminds me of Captain N), Dusty is a foul-mouth video game console who is voiced by Duke Nukem’s Jon St. John. You can play as Rusty and Dusty by switching between the two characters. There are weapons for Rusty to use and robot arm for Dusty, You can enter The Pixelverse with only Dusty to repair glitches to help Rusty to continue his journey. If you are a easter egg lover  there are some in the game but it’s hard to find. The soundtrack is composed by Andrew Hulshult complete with retro and MIDI synthesizer music. If you like a 90’s platformer and 256 color this is the game for you. Rad Rodgers: World One is available now on Steam.

Source: Siliconera

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