Project Rap Rabbit – I Gotta Believe Kick-Starter

What is Project Rap Rabbit?

The creators of PaRappa The Rapper (NanaOn-Sha )and Gitaroo Man ( iNiS Corporation) bring you a new music-themed video game called Project Rap Rabbit (working title).  Japanese-folktale Epic Rap Battles Of History style approach.  You play as a rabbit named Toto-Maru who has the power of rap and battle with the land’s most powerful overlords. Main goal of the game is to defeat your opponent with lyrical jabs and rhyming uppercuts and there is a  full dialogue trees of variable verses filled with creative put-downs, bragging and clever rhymes. Match the buttons on the screen to reach S-rank climax, after you win there is a dynamic bonus system to reward self-expression.

Three basic way to in song, listen and pick your keywords and phrase carefully. Respond is you and your opponents reaction. To the rap and of coarse rapping start spilling some rhythms. Also you have swag meter make sure you keep it up. If it goes down you will lose. Which takes the genre to a whole new level and pay homage to the pay. A leader-boards to see you can outshine your friends. Stretch goal of Kickstarter is 1,100,000 for six levels and 1,500,000 is Nintendo Switch version.

Note the Xbox One version will have more levels, multiplayer modes or extra difficulty settings.  If you mange to have fund this project you will get a signed copy of Project Rap Rabbit. Signed A3 giclee art print, soundtrack CD Project Rap Rabbit folding fan, Otama-Maru plushie and many more perks. Campaign is done there will be a price. Shipping depending on the final weight of the product (see Kickstarter website for more info).  If you want a alternative for PaRappa The Rapper and Gitaroo Man support the Kickstarter project  and it”s avilable on Steam and PlayStation 4.

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