Has Pewdiepie Gone Too Far Using Racial Slurs In Live Stream

What is going with Pewdiepie now?

Pewdiepie is YouTube’s golden boy and populat YouTuber with millions subscribers.Real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellber from Sweden, Pewdiepie is a let’s player blend with comedy. Having a larger fanbase than some YouTubers.  Felix has been in television shows like South Park and his own video game Brofist. Pewdiepie makes over million dollars off YouTuber alone. Now Pewdiepie is in hot water due to a string of controversy. Latest news that Pewdiepie uses the N word on his live stream. Later on apologize for saying the word, alot of people didn’t buy it. Felix supporters defend him regardless how popular Felix is. For myself it don’t surprise me at all because Pewdiepie has a history with racist videos. Pewdiepie did a reaction video about jews and wearing a NeoNazi suit.

Pewdiepie seen laughing at two guys threatening jews . Wall Street Journal got a hold of the video in question. This sparks that ad-crisis on YouTube but Pewdiepie is apart of it. Terrorists videos are shown on YouTube and putting ads on them. Google and YouTube are cracking down on it as we speak. Next up, Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman is taking down Pewdiepie Firewatch videos due to slurs. Sean Vanaman made a statement on Twitter (image below).

Sean Vanaman actions maybe debatable but Video Game Attoney wrote on Twitter (image below)

VGA is right there is nothing illegal about freedom of speech. YouTube can take the video if Pewdiepie is using hate speeches in his live steams. Filling false DMCA can backfire because if content creators uses copyright material. At least credit the developer or get permission to use it.  DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is protects YouTube and content. In Sean case I don’t think there is nothing illegal about content creators actions.

My opinion about Pewdiepie I watch a couple of his videos and there are average. I am not huge fan of his but Pewdiepie is pretty much done. Felix dug a hole he couldn’t get out of and never recover. As a African American male I don’t forgive Pewdiepie and people who use the n world. What is going in America right now and our president. Racism is still going on and will not stop. Felix will have to learn the hard way.

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