Pale Moon Crisis – Sexy Vermin Slayer Heroine

Hot heroine taking a dangerous job.

Sexy  main menu

Pale Moon Crisis is a indie action adventure inspired by Resident Evil, note that  this game has some nudity in it. Alibi is the developer and publisher of this IP, the plot of the game you play as Sara (blue haired heroine) and her partner  Bruno who works for a cleaning company who took on a job in the mountains, but there are monsters called vermin  in the mansion (what is that remind you off). In the mansion they uncover secrets and the question is will they make it out alive? Once you  start the game you have three difficulties such as easy, hard and medium, there is a option menu and you can continue the adventure.


The gameplay is you movie Sara with the keypad you probably can use the gamepad . You can change weapons, search, run and attack. You collect items as you go and to survive the job. Solve puzzles and  exterminate the vermin that lurking in the mansion. As for weapons you have a combat knife, pistol and many more in the game. The game reminds you of a side-scroller and a survival horror in 2D form. The graphics in the game reminds me of Darkest Dungeon because of the animation and character design. You might have some Sara fanservice for anime fans.  If you are a Resident Evil fan and want to play as a hot heroine this game is for you . Pale Moon Crisis is available now on Steam.

Source: Siliconera

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