Overwatch’s Mercy Will Have a New Ultimate Due to Being a Waterboy

What is wrong with Mercy?

Mercy has always been the helper of Overwatch and busy keeping the team together. She kind of reminds me of another healer from Team Fortress 2 called The Medic. Medic always get no love because his teammates always yelling at him to heal them. The medic always want to be useful to the team. Same as Mercy talking care of the team carelessness and recklessness. Her team badgering her and tell her hide somewhere until it’s clear to move.

That’s mission in general, you don’t want your medic to be on the first line.  Both Mercy and The Medic are waterboys to the team but that will all change for Mercy. As of today, Mercy will become special and getting a new makeover. Her teammates can’t tell her what do and she demand respect. Now you can’t tell her to hide anymore, Mercy is burden with alot of things. Mercy have to revive people, heal and boost damage for her teammates. She is tried of being a waterboy and want to stand out for the team.

Overwatch developer Jeffrey “Jeff” Kaplan put out a hero balance update video to explain what is going on with Mercy. Jeff stated that Mercy is one of the top playable character in Overwatch. The concern for the core character developer is you have a weird moment went you are healing your teammates and your ultimate is full. As Mercy you have to go into hiding and once everyone is defeat on the point. You are ready to use Res and your team is yelling at you “why are you healing me?”.  Another concern is that Mercy doesn’t have enough abilities other than Guardian Angel.

As of now, Res is no longer Mercy’s ultimate and it’s becoming her second ability. Res is single target only no multiple targets anymore and it has cooldown. Don’t worry about player spamming it because it will be a long cooldown. Mercy has a brand new ultimate called “The Valkyrie” which she can fly and her abilities are amplified. The healing and damage beams can chain and go farther. Her gun is more power in Valkyrie mode for battle. Not just Mercy, D.Va will get updated because of Defense Matrix. Mercy will be respected as a team member now than a waterboy.

Source: Siliconera

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