Overwatch Orgins Edition– Nerf This Shooter Video Game Review

One of the most underrated Blizzard titles of all time

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. People compared this to Team Fortress. It does share the same concept but it’s totally different from it. Overwatch is the must-play shooter to date. Becoming one of the most popular shooters with a hardcore fan base. If you don’t know what Overwatch about. Overwatch is an international task force that combat the omnic threat.  Restore order, two veteran soldiers named Gabriel Reyes  and Jack Morrison.

Which put in character of Overwatch later on disbanded due to several allegations of wrongdoing and failures. That when the UN introduced the Petras Act . Now years later, due to the Petras Act crime rise up. No one will step in to stop them. Now former members of Overwatch decide to reform and recruiting allies to join in the fight.


What does the game offers?

The gameplay is just like Team Fortress but you have special abilities and ultimate for each hero. Special abilities can help you let you to victory or support depend on what character you use but share to watch your cooldown time. For example, Tracer can rewind time, Torbjorn can build turrets, Reaper can teleport and Reinhardt can uses a shield. As for ultimate, you have to charge it up to 100% for example D.VA can self-destruct, Mercy can resurrect a teammate, Widowmaker can let you see enemies through walls and McCree using his High Noon to hit every enemy in line of sight. There are character roles such as offense, tank, support and defense but if you pick wisely, the game will tell you that “there are too many heroes”, “low damage team” and “no healers” I am happy they added that.

There are four different map game types such as assault (capture point A and B), escort (escort the payload to its destination), Hybrid (same as assault/escort) and control (capture the control point and defend it). The game mode are casual (jump in a play a match), weekly brawls (random match ups and rules), custom game (create your own game) and practice (play through tutorial and learn the ropes) and competitive (you have to get on level 25 to play). If you are a fan of Team Fortress and love Blizzard games this is for you. Overwatch is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to check out the animated short. ( on a side note image below).

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