Overwatch Animated Short Rise And Shine – Mei’s Arctic Journey

Mei’s origin animated short

During Gamescom 2017,  Blizzard Entertainment show us another Overwatch animated short fof Mei. I have to say it’s beautifully animated and show us a side of Mei we can’t seen before. Mei reminds me of Hiro from Big Hero 6 in a way. Mei was apart of a group in the arctic and she has been frozen for 9 years. During that time, Overwatch has disbanded and natural causes staring to change the world.  Mei and her droid tries to find survivors during the 9 years of cryogenic sleep.  Lucky here is a upcoming transmission from a radio tower. Mei don’t know how to get up there but she has a plan. Mei is in her workshop making a cryogenic gun that can freeze anything.

 Sadly, during her experiment the power when out but her droid is willing to sacrifice itself.  After climbing on top of the radio tower, she got a clear signal on who trying to reach her. It no other than Winston and you seen the speech during the opening of the game. Mei agress with Winston’s message and goes on a journey to find Overwatch. All I have to say about the animated short is, it’s longer than the other ones. We get to know Mei as a character and her relationship with her droid. The scene when the power when out reminds me of Iron Man movie when the robot help Tony Stark. That creator and robot interaction, the animator did a great job with this. I forgot to mention that I saw the Doomfist short and it reminds me of a anime and I like that approach. I want to see D.Va animated short some day and I hope they make a movie or a television series about of this. If you want to watch the Origin story of Mei video below. Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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