Do You Have an Overwatch Video Game Addiction?

Is there a cure for playing to much Overwatch?

What is so great about Overwatch?

Overwatch is one of my favorite online of all time. I want to say great job by Blizzard Entertainment for making a fun and enjoyable good. If you don’t know what Overwatch is, it’s a  team-based multiplayer online shooter like Team Fortress (made by Valve). This game has variety of heroes and classes for example Tracer( women in the image). She is an offense hero and she can manipulate time and teleport to surprise enemy.  Another class is tank  heroes who has a lot of health and are powerful such as Winston a genetically engineered gorilla scientist  who can go berserk while he gets angry.

Next up, are defense heroes which have a sub class such as builders and snipers. One of those heroes are WindowMaker (sniper) and Torbjörn (builder). Windowmaker is a sniper that use recon visor see ememies through the wall and  Torbjörn can build turret and give you armor from collecting scrapes, also he can supercharge his turrets to level 3.  Lastly, there are support heroes which they provide you shields, health, damage boost and revival you into battle. Such hero like Mercy who can health , boost damage and revival, she carry a pistol to battle as well.In conclusion you have a Overwatch addiction well it’s a Blizzard thing just like Warcraft but it doesn’t drain you life away. If you need to take a breather to so. This game is very competitive such as capturing the objective, stop the payload and get play of the game. I highly recommend this game for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4 users. Buy the game now if you like. Overwatch is the most popular games right now. Blizzard Entertainment did an excellent job. I hope more update to Overwatch will come in the future.

Author: anjimplays

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