Open and Closed Beta Gaming – Playing Ahead of People

What is the difference between open and closed beta?

Nowadays in video games, developers put out an open beta for players to experience game and provide feedback. Closed betas contains number of bugs performance and release to a restricted group by invitation. It’s pretty much like you are the developer and giving feedback on what needs to be fix for the final version. An open beta is released to anyone who is interested and can report bugs or issues with the game. If you play ever a closed or open beta you are ahead into the game. When the final version comes out you will see player a higher rank than you. For example, open betas like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Paladins: Champions of the Realm, Paragon, 7 Days to Die, Brawlhalla and more. I like to use a anime example Sword Art Online’s Kirito, Kirito was a beta tester for SAO and he level up so fast that other players despise him.

A lot of people wonder why Kirito is in the head of the game.  Because SAO was a closed beta and Kirito got invited. As that result he isolates himself from other players to play alone. In Sword Art Online tells us a story of a beta tester.  In a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.  Dealing with issues in the gaming industry and real life. Beta tester often called “cheaters” because they play ahead of people. As for myself I play open betas but most of the time I wait to the final version of the game. During development of the game you will experience bugs and glitches due to coding and designing. That’s why more developers are releasing Early Access with having to wait for the final version. Steam has a lot of them and there are still demos as well if you want to try the game for yourself. As of now you don’t have to wait for the final product, just enjoy the beta while the game still in development. Are you a beta tester or just want to experience the gameplay?

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