Not Having a Following and Fanbase is Frustrating

How do one get a following?

As a Blogger, Youtuber, Twitch Streamer and soon to be Entrepreneur it’s hard to get a proper following and fanbase. Social media and networking is a great tool to get yourself out there. That’s one part of growing a following, also creating great content for viewers could enjoy and share. What about your persona? What type a person are you? Are you engaging with your audience? Do you take suggestion and criticism from people? That’s the burning question that you will have to answer for yourself. I did a post about growing a YouTube and Twitch channel you can check it out.

Things doesn’t come overnight, it’s takes years to attract viewers, followers and readers to your platform. Maybe one day you might get lucky 5 times out of 10, it’s unlikely that will happen. For instance shout outs, big streamer, bloggers and Youtuber will not shout you out unless there is networking involved. That person will bring in people from his blog, YouTube and Twitch to your platform. If you might get some exposure and that person is responsible for your success and growth.

My story on getting a following?

Here is my story, I have an ambition about being self-employed because I love to work on my own. Throughout my life I been boot licker and slave to my family, day job and went I create content for people to watch. These things attend to back me upset and putting me down like I am nothing. Don’t have a say in the matter and what I want to do. Its call freedom and I am free to do what I see fit not what they want me to do. When I stream on Twitch, people come to my chat and tell what I should fix on my overlay and the games I play. One day, a guy came on my chat when I was streaming Battleborn and made a suggestion then left my chat.

I was about to yell at the guy but I have to keep it cool. Talking in suggestions was tough even for me but I am used to be told what to do like a master/slave. If I start to stand up for myself I might get kicked of Twitch and loss followers or subscribers. Another example, on Twitch I got 3K followers because I stream My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic but afterward some of those people never came to my other streams.

As you guys may know I am a variety streamer that different games. Some people follow you due to the game you are playing for example Team Fortress 2 (200+ viewers) on Twitch. That’s why they follow to play that game, I understand that everyone have a favorite streamer to follow that’s my viewership is low.

Here is a solution “stream it yourself” because if you are not support my channel why should I listen to you. You better yet follow someone else who channel is dedicated to League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Trove and more. That was refreshing to say that but that being said its takes time to grow a platform and if you keep at it people will come.

Author: anjimplays

I am a blogger, Twitch and YouTuber and have a goal to be self employed

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