Why There No Video Game Shows on TV Anymore

Why TV networks take down gaming channel?


What happen to video game shows?

I wonder why there no video game TV networks or shows showing up on Verizon, Comcast and Dish. Remember G4TV which is a network that focus on video games. Do you remember shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show. Now there is video game shows on the Internet such as Angry Video Game Nerd, Rooster Teeth, IGN, ScrewAttack and etc. There is no need for TV but just your laptop and the click of a mouse. Nowadays, on TV there is a lot of cooking, fashion and music but no gaming and tech

channels, I don’t even watch TV anymore I got on the internet but I think it’s expensive to get, You can watch your favorite show on the net it can be old and new. Internet is better than TV any day you can get news, review and all the latest feed on the internet. I wonder in the future if a network called produce a gaming TV network but it highly not going to happen because of the demographic and ratings. What do you guys think? I guess Spike TV covers E3 and not any other channels which is sad. Well we got the the internet and Television has change throughout the years. Everyone is on the internet which is a good thing because you can watch the shows that you grown up with anything you want. As for TV, it’s a set schedule to watch shows you love like what time you have to Twitch stream. What do you think?  Will TV bring back  a network decided to gaming? or Are we okay using the internet?

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