Nintendo Face Backlash for Super Mario Odyssey’s Mexican Outfit

What are you think Nintendo?

Nintendo newest Mario IP Super Mario Odyssey  is facing some backlash on Mexican outfit in the game. Also the outfit is featured on the box art but now has been changed. People stating that the outfit is  cultural appropriation and Nintendo should remove it. Which Nintendo’s president Reggie Fils-Aimé saids “Making political statements are for other people to do” and “we want people to smile and have fun when they play our games”.  In the latest Super Mario Odyssey trailer, you will see Mario in a poncho and sombrero in a desert level. Some Mexican fans want it in the game and other doesn’t want it thinking it’s racist.

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For those who don’t know what Super Mario Odyssey about let me give you the rundown. Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D action performer which Mario travel to different worlds to save Princess Peach.  There is a new mechanic in the game his hat. Which you can possession enemies and use their abilities.  Here is my opinion on this situation I did joke that Mario is Mexican but he’s Italian. I have one advice to give to those people “don’t buy it if it offend you”. Now Nintendo took it away due to the SJW (social justice warriors) ranting about it. If you want to buy this game by all means and it’s available on October 27, 2017.

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