Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime Does Thinks Wii-U Games

Reggie’s thoughts on transition from Wii-U to Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime sat down in a interview with GameSpot and express his deepest thoughts on Nintendo Wii-U sales and it’s performance throughout last year.  Reggie believes Nintendo don’t effectively communicate the novelty of the system stating “The “clarity of the consumer proposition” was not strong enough and might be more important–that there wasn’t a steady flow of compelling games”.   Meaning Nintendo don’t have games like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has. That’s  when Nintendo Switch comes in now there are third-party companies like Square Enix, Sega, Bethesda, EA and more.  So Nintendo is trying to climb up with Microsoft and Sony in terms of games. Which Reggie thinks Nintendo has done a better job communicating what exactly the Switch is and there won’t be a lack of strong games.

When Nintendo Switch was unveiled Reggie stated “We see the reaction by consumers whether it’s measured in Twitter trending topics or views of videos on YouTube or just the frequency with which I get called by old high school buddies that I haven’t heard from in 30 years who are asking me how to get their hands on Nintendo Switch. We have communicated the proposition clearly and it is compelling.”  Which Nintendo is looking into Social Media and YouTube to get reaction from people online or probably get feedback on how they can make improvements and games. Nintendo wants Switch to be compelling and fun for the family and might grab attention from hardcore gamers as well as casual. As for Wii- U Reggie says “Wii U will go down as having fantastic content–the issue was as you look at the reality of exactly when the games were launched, there were large gaps in between and Switch will have a “steady cadence of content.” Let see Switch can make consumers happy and not have to  reveal another console in the future.

Source: GameSpot 


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