Nintendo Power Line Returns in November 11-13 for Special Event

Nintendo Power Line hotline is back.


What is Nintendo Power Line?

Nintendo announced there going back to the 1980’s. Nintendo Power  which is a magazine that gives the players hints, strategy, tips and tricks  of upcoming games. It started in 1980 and discounted December 2007, this was back in the NES days. Back in the 80s, gamer don’t have Youtube nor Internet to look up strategies. It was hard and what do book guildes to beat the game.

Nintendo will release Nintendo NES Classic Edition, this month. It’s has 30 classic NES games and the price is $59.99. Nintendo will have a launch party at New York in November 10, 2016. It’s will have a 80’s retro costume contest, you can play 80’s NES games and fake game show.. It’s thanks to the launch of the NES Classic Edition and  November 11, the power-line will reopen  with the number call 1-425-885-7529. By calling that number you can get tips,or hints for the NES Classic games, here stories from Nintendo Game Play Counselors. The Power Line will be open from 6am to 7pm PT/9am to 10pm ET on November 11-13, 2016. If you like Nostalgia and relive those NES memories use the hagtag #NESterday and preorder Nintendo NES Classic Edition from Target, Best Buy and Gamestop.

Source: Siliconera

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