Nintendo Bans Online Players On Pokémon Sun and Moon

Buy it! not download it!

Okay this story is why downloading a game without buying the game is making companies lose money. There is a report link to Pokémon Sun and Moon are online but there is not access to the full game just like a demo. Players can go online to player with other players. 4chan and GBA Temp claim that people getting banned on 3DS because of this, that means you can’t go to eshops or play online.  Okay because I get to what Pokémon Sun and Moon is about I want to a quick rant about this.  BUY THE GAME never pirate or download a game because you don’t have the funds for it. There is what you called a J.O.B. to get money for it, work hard and you wouldn’t get mad at Nintendo for something you did. Nintendo did the right on their part, pirating is terrible you are hurting the company by doing that.


Enough of the rant, let talk about the new Pokemon game Sun and Moon which is the latest of the 3DS era. In this verson, you have 3 new starter Pokemon Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. The setting of the game is in Hawaii and the gameplay is not top-down but third-person for more  interactivity with the overworld. There is still the classic turn-based battle but there is Z-move which is a powerful technique only use onces. You can catch, trade, training and find Pokemon just like the perivous games, there is Mega evoluation returing in this game. Pokemon Finder is you take photo of Pokemon (just like Pokemon Snap  brings back memories) I am support there is be more infomation about  Pokémon Sun and Moon make sure you support the conpany and buy it.

Source: Kotaku

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