New Overwatch Character: Sombra Reveal At Blizzcon 2016

This hero will hack into your soul.

At Blizzcon 2016 , Blizzard Entertainment announced a new offense character named Sombra  If you don’t know who she is, she is a hack from Dorado, Mexico and this is affiliated  with Talon and a former member of Los Muertos.  Here backstory is One of the world’s most notorious hackers and  uses information to manipulate those in power. Sombra was taken in by Mexico’s Los Muertos gang, she aided it in its self-styled revolution against the government. Los Muertos believed that the rebuilding of Mexico had primarily benefited the rich and the influential, leaving behind those who were most in need of assistance.

Sombra launched an even more audacious string of hacks, and her exploits earned her no shortage of admirers, including Talon. She joined the organization’s ranks and is believed to have contributed to its massive cyberattacks against corporations with strong ties to their governments. As a offense hero, Sombra has a machine pistol (fires short range), hack (stop enemies from using their abilities and first aid kits), Thermoptic Camo (turns her invisble for a short time and increase offense),  Translocator (pretty much like reaper’s teleport) and EMP (her ultimate which she discharges electromagnetic energy which destorys emenies shields and hack them). You looks pretty awesome I can wait to try her and if you want to lean more about her here is the link.  Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation.  Look up for Sombra in the new upadte or pay DLC.

Source: Siliconera

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