Never Forget Me – Find Love and Marriage Visual Novel

Love or Marriage


Never Forget Me is a indie Otome Visual Novel developed  by WinterWolves Games.  This is  a sequel to the game Always Remember Me. You play as Amy who is bounded by four love interest from the first game Aaron, Eddy, Lawrence or Hugh.You can play the game as a visual novel mode or optional stat-raising gameplay (where you need to increase other stats beside the main one associated with each love interest). This game has problems, activities, main characters and unique settings for example, Eddy: Amy works in the same hospital as Eddy, but he seems to be more interested in his career than her. Talking with Nathan, a dying man at the hospital, will open Amy’s eyes and force Eddy to make a choice..

The game features five different endings based on your choice who you want to be with. Note: In the first time in Dating sim you get to experience being a married/couple life. There are only two CG scenes for each characters, you can choose between four love interest  Aaron, Eddy, Hugh or Lawrence. This game is compatible with Windows XP and newer, Mac OS 10.6+ and Linux. The graphic in this game, beautiful hand-drawn art style and visuals.If you have to play as a married couple and a fan of Otome game buy this game on here.

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