Monster Prom – Who Will You Take Kickstarter Indie

Who will be your prom date?

What is Monster Prom?

Monster Prom is one of the first multiplayer four player  indie dating sim  game I ever seen. Here is the concept you are a student trying to get a date to the prom. You are limited to a number of turns that you can explore the school and activities or events.  Player have to choose wisely like a Telltale games lol but if you don’t you will be a hot mess.   You can do co-op dating sim which you fight over the same love interest.


There are 300+ events and  1,000 different scenarios to choose from and you meet different characters such as medusa, devil, ghost and etc. You get items to unlock events and help you in school. You can dress up in different clothes and multiple endings. The includes modern-humor that you can relate and reference to shows like South Park and Rick&Morty.  The game makes you feel like you are in High School again such as sitting with someone in the cafeteria, having a crush on someone and afraid to confess and dealing with bullies. If you support Beautiful Glitch you will get rewards such as being in a class photo, making you a monster in the game, you can design the final ending and many other goodies. If you are a dating sim fanatic and want to play it with your friends  support this game.  Vote for Monster Prom on Steam Greenlight  and lean more about the game on Beautiful Glitch website.

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