Mega Man 1994 TV Series – Rock and Roll Review

What is the show about?

Mega Man 1999 TV series based on Capcom franchise with the same name.  Ruby-Spears Productions is known for Alvin and the Chipmunks, Saturday Supercade and Heathcliff.  Ocean Productions is voice recording, ADR, translation, scriptwriting, and video editing for anime and video games.  Mega Man TV show is based on the first NES game.

The plot follows Dr Light a robotics scientist dreams of building robots to assist humans. Kind of reminds you of Astro Boy . Dr Wily became jealous of Dr. Light’s ideas and reprogrammed Dr. Light’s latest creators. Dr. Wily vowed to take over the world with Dr. Light’s creators known as The Robot Masters. Dr. Light build a robot help named Rock.  Dr. Light offers Rock to become a superhero to fight Dr .Wily and his Robot Masters. Rock accepts and becoming Mega Man a warrior to save the world.

In episode 1 The Beginning, Dr Light and Dr. Willy worked together. Dr. Wily was building defective porotype Proto Man and proved to be a failure. Dr. Light show Wily plans for future of robotics. Dr. Wily grew jealous and envy and want to steal the plans for himself. Wily run off to an abandoned lab to reprogrammed Proto Man for evil. Dr. Wily return to Dr. Light lab to found out that Dr .Light created others robots. Dr. Wily reprogrammed three Robot Masters Cut Man, Guts Man and Ice Man to turn against Dr. Light, Rock and Roll. 

Does live up to the game?

Dr. Light offers Rock to become a champion of Justice and accepts becoming Mega Man. Same as Roll and Proto Man, as for Proto Man he doesn’t have his shield. Roll doesn’t stay at the lab and clean like the video game counterpart. Ruby Spears mad Roll a strong female character who is equal Mega Man. The Robot Master from Mega Man 1- 6 appears in this show. Dr. Light, Rush and Dr. Wily design are decent.

Voice acting for subpar Mega Man sounding like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Dr. Wily is a German scientist and Proto Man voice is pretty good Australia voice. Rush has the same design from the game. For Mega Man X fans he does appear in this series along Vile and Spark Mandrill. In Mega X episode, Dr. Wily want to steam titanium rod to power this robots. Mega Man fight with Dr. Wily’s army, Wily get an unexpected visit from Vile and Spark Mandrill. Vile and Spark Mandrill helps Dr. Wily and explains to him that they’re from the future and Reploids.

Mega Man appeared in this show?

Vile and Spark Mandrill battles Mega Man and X appears to help Mega Man. Spark and Vile gets away and Mega Man heads back to Dr. Light. X explains to Mega Man that he is from the future fighting a group of rogue robots called Mavericks. X told Dr. Light he created him and discovered by Dr. Cain almost 100 years. X is on a mission to defeat Sigma and they spelled his named wrong in the show. Throughout the series

Mega Man stops Dr. Wily latest schemes and copy emeries powers to use against them.  Ruby Spears Mega Man had a good run and I don’t know about Mega Man 2018 show will bring.  Make sure to give this series a watch and buy 1994 Mega Man on Dvd.

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