Marriage Couple Rent Out Game Center To Have Wedding

Who gets married in a arcade?

Here is something that some people got to great lengths to have a wedding. Japanese couple Mikado who is a well-known playing retro games. Mikado’s fiance Kazunori, there are pictures on Twitter of the Mikado’s wedding.  The loving couple play Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion and had a great time. Did I mention that these two are gamers in some way? Happy to see two people enjoying video games and have a passion with them. Video games-themed wedding seems awesome in my book. Mikado host alot of tournaments and events.  Mikado spend closely $2,940 to rent out Arcade Game Center.

From outside, there is a claw machine with Arcana Hearts characters on it. Game Center located in Shinjuku and there two floors. For those who been going to the arcades. Variety of Arcade games present at Game Centers. Marry couple host events like  concert slash wedding announcement party.  Lucky the charade manager’s wife work in the wedding business. Organizers did a great job putting it together and say “I do”.  Many people on Twitter congrats Mikado on the wedding. Having a wedding at an arcade sounds awesome”. “May you find eternal happiness together”. One Twitter user wrote to the couple What is next Final Fantasy or Street Fighter themed? Couple deserve happiness to the ones you love. Find the right person for you. Happy gaming Mikado and Kazunori get ready for the next battle. Mikado’s tournament are found on YouTube, here is one down below.

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