Lapsum -Spending Time With Hell Indie Video Game

Welcome to hell

Does this creep you out?

What is Lapsum?

Lapsum is a indie action platformer developed by Mirball Games. This game is painfully deadly I might you fall into sawblades, hammers, axes, thorns, lava and etc. The point of the game is to get out of hell but their is not escape unfortunately. Did the main character commit any sins went he or she as alive? What are they going plan to endure the depths of hell? There are 3 characters in the game want to repent for their sin. There are 3 different parts of hell and those are not the pleasant ones.  There are 60 deadly challenges you will have to face in order to get out of hell. 

When you in hell you have to avoid every obstacles that stands in your way like the hazard I stated earlier.  There is one person you must defeat in order to escape and it’s not the devil himself it’s Pit Lords. You have to get stronger by collect sculls in order to survive. The graphics of this game, featuring gothic-style with colored backgrounds. If you a fan of dark video game this for you.  Vote for Lapsum on Steam Greenlight and they also do comics as well.

Source: Siliconera

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