The King of Fighters: Destiny – Three Sacred Artifacts Anime Review

What is  The King of Fighters Destiny?

Based on SNK’s hit fighting game series The King of Fighters. The King of Fighters: Destiny is a Chinese CGI anime series created by iDRAGONS Creative Studio. The series is supposed to tie-in with a new KOF-Inspired MMO mobile game. Destiny is not the only anime series but The King of Fighters: Another Day ONA (original net animation). Another Day is based on The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact game. The King of Fighters: Another Day was animated by Production I.G who worked on Psycho Pass, Ghost in the Shell and Tales of Symphonia. The Another Day has only 4 episodes and 10 minute length. While The King of Fighters: Destiny is based on KOF 94-97 storyline mix with Fatal Fury. The King of Fighters: Destiny has 24 episodes and 15+ minute length

What storyline does The King of Fighters: Destiny  cover?

The plot comes from King of Fighter 97, In 1,800 an eight-headed serpent Yamata No Orochi want to extinguish humanity. Orochi has followers called The Hakkesshu who assisted him on getting rid of humanity. Three scared treasures sealed Orochi comes from three clans Kusanagi, Yata and Yasakani. The first part of the series is adaptation Fatal Fury storyline them backtracks to King of Fighter 94. I am guessing that KOF Destiny want to be original and not adapting other SNK fighting franchise. There is an original character in Destiny Angelina who was adopted by Geese Howard after surviving the streets of South Town. For those who are not aware on what King of Fighters is all about. I will give you a breakdown of the series as a whole.

The King of Fighters is a team-based were you are a squad of 3 and sometimes 4. Fight to see who the last team member left is standing. Each member can switch orders before the match starts. King of Fighters is a crossover between Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Psycho Soldier and Art of Fighting. These games are made by SNK and character execute unique moves and personalities. Later on other characters from SNK properties make an appearances in a later King of Fighters. I have no played KOF while I was growing but it’s a good series to get into. About Destiny, the animation is crispy CGI detailing the environments. Character designs are a hit and miss but stay faithful to the games. The tone of The King of Fighters Destiny range from serious and humorous.

What are my thoughts on The King of Fighters: Destiny?

All your favorite characters from the series are in King of Fighter Destiny. Team Fatal Fury (Terry, Andy and Joe), Japan Team (Kyo, Diamon and Benimaru), Queen Team (King, Mai and Yuri) and Art of Fighting Team (Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia). Geese Howard plays a huge role in the series and get to see his backstory. Angelina doesn’t come in during half of the series and knows Terry Boguard in her childhood. Angelina is one of Terry forgetful love interest and Rock Howard from Mark of the Wolves appear in Destiny. Kyo and his friends are investigating Orochi and stumble upon letter of invitation with a R insignia on it. Team Japan are invited to a tournament called The King of Fighters. They want to use this opportunity to get revenge on Geese.

Team Queen’s goal is King to get the prize money for her brother Jan operation. Art of Fighting Team reasons is unknown at the moment. Rugal is the mastermind and Geese superior. In the series, all the character have their signature attacks and it’s was fun to watch. Overall the CGI reminds me of an opening for a video game. Some episodes doesn’t have CGI but watercolor still images explaining Geese, Angelina and Benimaru’s backstory. Even it’s a short but King of Fighters: Destiny is what fighting game fans will enjoy. It’s still ongoing at the moment and I really like the series. Let see if the go up to the NESTS or Ash saga. Check out King of Fighters: Destiny on YouTube and on Steam.

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