Is Twitch Affiliate Program competing with YouTube?

Will you be selected for the Twitch Affiliate Program?


Twitch just announced an Affiliate Program where help bridge the gap between apprising and partnered streamers. I think Twitch should done this a long time ago but now it’s been unveiled there is a new hope of streamers to do this full-time. Twitch heard the cries of ever small streamer who wants to do this for a living. As for YouTube as of right now, there is an ad boycott due to Anti-Semitic content posted by YouTube’s biggest star Pewdipie and Wall-Street Journal. Now big company like Starbucks, McDonalds, BBC and others have join the cause. There are countless videos talking about this I did one myself and I am consider about the future of YouTube. Will it shut down or will Google/YouTube fix this problem. YouTube does have a revenue system as well called Google AdSense, it pretty much online advertisement for videos, websites, blogs and more. In YouTube’s case it’s based on CPC (per click) or CPM (per impression), when you watch a YouTube video you noticed the ads (pre-roll or post-roll) comes on and there is an option to skip ads. That’s example of CPC because the more views you get on your videos the more CPM you get. Also there are ads located on the right on your video where the related videos are located.



Back to Twitch Affiliate Program, at launch Twitch will start using cheer bits which viewers can show support for their favorite streamers. Also you are invited to the program you will access to tools such as subscriptions, game commerce, advertising and many more to come. When Twitch Affiliate Program comes you have to wait for Twitch to invite you and you have to be qualify for the program there is no application process. The required of the Affiliate Program change over time so when the program develops so don’t worry. I am very excited about this program and if YouTube doesn’t get their act together gamers will go to Twitch. As myself I was waiting for this program because I am a small streamer who is working hard to build a following and giving back to my community. First I will continue to work hard and push for that program as a blogger, streamer, marketing and content creator. I just want to thank Twitch for this program and I hope YouTube fix this ad problem soon.



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