Invitation to be a Guest Blogger and Feature Small Bloggers

Working together can accomplish anything

As of Today, I am sending an invitation to be a guest blogger on my site and also feature small bloggers. I would like to network with other gaming bloggers and there is a lot of them in Since I switch to self-host I have not seen a lot of them. I don’t get a lot of traffic on my sire because of my content or design and maybe no networking with the right people. I try to reach out to gaming bloggers on Twitter and Pinterest but there are only travel, food and fashion bloggers. There is a lot of them out than gaming bloggers, even the market is saturated but we need shine too. I made a post about what is going on with gaming bloggers you can check it out. People thinking that I am doing to get readers from other bloggers. Maybe I am self-promoting my blog to other sites but that’s not the case. I read a lot of useful article online like ShoutmeLoud. Shoutmeloud is an award-winning blog that give you tips on how to excel your blog and turn it to a successful business. The blog is run by Harsh Agrawal the CEO of Shoutmeloud and he covers everything from WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Many more. If you want to some tips from him check out the site.

Back on topic, I would like to grow my blog just like everyone else. I tried Google Adwords but I am pretty much paying for traffic.You don’t want to do that I would relieve on SEO for traffic. I don’t get much I get less than 20 visitors, which is not good at all. It’s been a year I started the blog and I was at last year.

Don’t give up blogging

I met some great bloggers and people started commenting on my post. I was happy but when it’s time to make the switch to self-hosted. None of them came back but only one DN Anime Blog make sure you check out that blog. I am a guest blogger at MyTrendingStories and I don’t get pay off it but I am hoping to get more exposure for my blog. Speaking of payments, I am not making money off the blog anytime soon but I am doing it because I love it.

That’s my advice “Don’t do it for the money do it because you love it”. Blogging is that a get rich quick scheme. If you have that mind set well blogging is not for you. Do other things for passive income if you want to work for yourself. Growing a blog is like planting a tree, be patient it takes time and will not grow overnight. It might take years to get a decent following then you are on the right track.

If you don’t keep your day-job as long as you need to. Don’t quit your dayjob while growing a blog. Money from advertisement and affiliate marketing start rolling in.  Then you can pursue blogging full-time. I don’t this blog will grow but there are plenty of gaming bloggers out there that is better than me. Enough about that if you want to be a guest blogger contact me and sign up for the email list.

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