Indies of the Week #30 – Perspective Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of indies of the week #30 this Sunday. This week’s theme is Perspective.  In indies you put yourself in the character shoes. Whether the character has a agenda or goal in mind.  Let’s see what indies what have in store.

Indie 6. Tiny Echo – Might and Delight

Tiny Echo is a point and click indie game. Which you play as a eyeball named Emi. Your mission is to deliver mail to spirits in a mysterious world. Echo has a unique hand-drawn style which reminds me of a children story book. Soundtrack is composed by Mount West with a perfect blend of mellow and soft tone. Solve puzzles and uncover character traits to complete your deliver. Make sure you buy this postal narrative indie game. Tiny Echo is available now on Steam and visit the website.

Indie 5. Yesterday – Triple Tree Studio

Yesterday is a 3D puzzle indie game. The concept of Yesterday is you play as a girl trying to meet a boy. The goals is to rotate the cubes and meet the boy of your dreams. Gain special items when touching a boy. Once that’s happens a piece of memory will refresh. The gameplay is called “Variable Axial Rubik’s Cube” which is a different solution to solving a puzzle.  Make sure to buy this love connection indie. Yesterday is available now on Steam.

Indie 4. Greedy Guns – Tio Atum

Greedy Guns is a joyful color-filled platformer indie game. It inspired by twin-stick classic shooters like Gunstar Heores and Metal Slug.   The plot of Greedy Guns is group called Holo Corp which fight aliens and obtain artifacts.  2-player co-op is available for this game with 360 degree shooting. Big bossfights and Metrovania style gameplay. Greedy Guns is available on Steam and visit the website.

Indie 3. Labors of Love – Neitherworld

Labors of Love is a dating sim visual novel indie game. Join Hercules on a quest to find a love. Labor of Love feature characters from Geek mythology such as Hera, Zeus and more. There are multiple ending and route throughout the game. Make sure to download Labors of Loveon and visit the website.

Indie 2. Griff the Winged Lion – Jake Pawloski

Griff the Winged Lion is a 3D platofrmer indie game. The game takes inspiration from early PlayStation platformer such as Spyro the Dragon. You play as a Young Prince named Griff with golden boxing gloves. Defending realms from evil with the help from his friends to do it. You don’t just play as Griff but other characters as well. Each level has a retro style such as PS1, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. Explore 10 mythological realms and full-voiced dialogue. Griff can use the Midas Gloves to smash objects and enemies. Not only smashing but turning object to gold to solve puzzles. Griff can also glide to avoid hazards and unlock new abilties. Make sure you support the Griff the Winged Lion Kickstarter and visit the website.

Indie 1 . Boulder Boy – Bikkuri Games LLC

Boulder Boy is a retro style puzzle/action indie game. Your goal is to help Boulder Boy lift a curse that turn him to a rock.  Boulder Boy concept design is Japanese 80s and 90s games such as  The Adventures of Lolo, Sokoban, Pengo and Kickle Cubicle. It can move rocks to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Boulder Boy has a smart phone function which you can swipe to get through obstacles. Get items and unlock levels as you go. The soundtrack is NES inspired and reminds you of the good old days. Make sure you support the Kickstarter and visit the website.

That’s all for today and make sure you support these indies and developers. Tune for next Sunday for another indies of the week.

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