Indies of the Week #40 – Giving Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another giving Indies of the Week #40 this gaming Sunday. I hope you had a had a great Indies Thanksgiving.  Today’s theme is giving in indies game, which developers indies give the fans something to look forward to. Gameplay, characters and storyline in indies.  Last Tuesday was all about giving but I am late. Let’s see what indies we have today.

Indie 8. Slam Fighter II – Team Dogpit

Slam Fighter II is a rhythm/fighting indie game. The concept is insulting your opponent and responding to it. Slam Fighter II has a single-player campaign, versus mode and 10 EDM tracks. Players can use keyboard and controller  in the game. Six playable characters have strengths and weakness , six stages, resolution  640×480 and more.  There is gallery mode with unlock profiles and character art. Slam Fighter II is available now on Steam and visit Team Dogpit website.

Indie 7. Close to the SunStorm In a Cup

Close to the Sun is a horror indie game  which takes place in the 20 century. Player assume the role of a young journalist Rose who is looking for her sister. Rose ventures into a mysterious ship complex  created by Nikola Tesla. Close to the Sun  got a Bioshock vibe  and still in development.  For more info on Close to the Sun  go to Storm In a Cup website.

Indie 6. Baba Is You – Arvi Teikari

Baba Is You is a puzzle indie game were players  manipulated object around you. There are 100 puzzles to solve and  8-bit graphics.  Baba Is You is the winner of Nordic Game Jam. Homemade music and sfx present in the game. Different tame types such as top-down shooter and dungeon crawler. Support Arvi Teikari  and find more about the game in the website.

Indie 5. Animalia Vengeance  – Animalia Vengeance Team

Animalia Vengeance is a visual novel indie game which deals with animals and humans. Player take of Adien Akihiro who is a animal lover and go against a  conglomerate. Aiden is the head of Research at Future Food Labs and commercialise cheap meat. Adien can talk to animals with a experiment. There are sidekick in this game a rat and pigeon. Make the right choices to affect the outcome. Beautiful GC artwork, multiple love interest and endings.  Will you help Aiden accomplish his goal and not be sabotage?Animalia Vengeance is demo is available on

Indie 4. Just One Line – JOL Studios

Just One Line is a gamebook role-playing indie game which is based on choices and consequences. In-game players can create adventures by choosing races, go on epic quests and join factions. The game uses text adventure 2.0 and customize your hero and villain. Replay value is key in this game by making hero and  decisive choices. Choose a total of 4 races, 7 out of 10 backgrounds, 5 time-rifted quest and two languages (English, Italian). Equip yourself with 23 Armors, 32 weapons and 29 trinkets.  Along with a skin and Varint system for equipment.  Just One Line is early access and available on Steam.  Check out  JOL Studios  website for more information about the game.

Indie 3. Ghoulboy: Dark Sword of Goblin -Redro Games

Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired style action platformer indie game. It has a mixture of hack n slash and action rpg style. The game has puzzle solving, 2 throwable and 3 main weapons. chiptune and retro style graphics. Collect loot, 4 bosses and defeat monsters. Ghoulboy is available now in Steam and visit Redro games website.

Indie 2. Oh My God, look at This Knight – FoXoft Games

Oh My God, look at This Knight is a hack n slash indie game. Player take the role of yellow knight who is on a journey to save the day. The soundtrack is valiant and medieval like. Interact with village people and gamepad is supported.  Oh My God, look at This Knight is available now on

Indie 1 . Tower 57 –  11 bit studios

Tower 57 is a top-down  twin-shooter  where a group of individuals stop megatowers. It’s  inspired by AMIGA games and heavily focus on co-op.  Take control of 6 characters with upgradeable gadgets and weapons. C0-op has local and online you don’t have to worry about playing alone. There is destructible environments and enemies you have to destroy. Tower 57  is available now on Steam.  Visit  11 bit studios website for more detail on  Tower 57.

That’s for today and tune in next week for Indies of the Week. Make sure you support these developers and games.

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  • Will you save the animals in Animalia Vengeance?