Indies of the Week #46 – Diverse Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week # 46. This Sunday’s theme is diverse, in indies games different genre come together. Diverse in indies such as characters, style and many more. Let’s see what indies we have today.

Indie 4. Ganbare! Super Strikers – Rese

Ganbare! Super Strikers  takes inspiration from manga such as Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven. This game has a mixture of tactical rpg and soccer.  Customize your team and player with items to boost stats. Learn special abilities along with anime style cutscenes.  Each ability altered stats such as sleep, silence and poison. Story mode is players take a role of a japanese team on their way to the World Cup. Game modes also available Quick Match, League and Tournament.  Download Ganbare! Super Strikers on and support Rese.

Indie 3. OmenSight – Spearhead Games

Omensight tells a story about Helbinger who exists outside of time.  Players can rewrite fate and serve as the eyes of a sword called Urralia. Pretty much you are god and identify character and choose their final moments. There are two questions will you fight against them or ally with them. You fight with swordplay and magic abilities. Learn key information about specific characters and make a decision. You have the power to change perspectives in Urralia.  OmenSight is coming soon to Steam in 2018 and support Spearhead Games.

Indie 2. Artifact Adventure Gaiden -Bluffman ItGames

Artifact Adventure Gaiden is a medieval game boy inspired indie game. This game is a updated version of the original Artifact Adventure. Players can build your own team, explore and find Myriad artifacts to customize. Also Artifact Adventure Gaiden is an 2D open world  action-rpg adventure. There are choices you must make but will it help in the future or bring disaster.  Buy Artifact Adventure Gaiden now on Steam and support Bluffman Games.

Indies 1. Monster Garden – Zack Wood

Monster Garden takes the players on a surreal world filled with monsters. Developer stated “a short and sweet game about exploration and monster love”. In this game, when interaction with other monsters you have choices. Monster Garden is mix with dating sim elements and growing your garden. Befriend 15+ magical monster in playthough and several ending.  Reminds me of Undertale just by the graphics. Monster Garden will be available for Steam in February 2018.

That’s all for today and make sure to support these developers and indies. See you next Sunday for more Indies of the Week.

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