Indies of the Week #45 – Nostalgia Indie Gaming Sunday

What is indie theme for Sunday?

Happy new year to all and welcome to the first indies of the week in 2018! Today theme is nostalgia this sunday morning. Indies games remind you on past video game. There will be some indies that touch your gaming childhood.  Here is some indies that will remind you of 80s or 90s.

4. Happiness Drops – ARES Inc

Happiness Drops is a puzzle falling game which you play as 5 magical girls. The game has a blend of visual novel elements and high anime tone. There are several game modes which as story, endless, versus and ranking. Goal of the game is to cluster your opponent with blocks to win.  Each magical girl has unique skills and personalities.  Happiness Drop look like a fun puzzle game for anime fans and it’s available now on Steam.

3. Dude, Stop – Team HalfBeard

Dude, Stop is another puzzle game to make people hate you. That’s a very common thing to do. Players have the power to skip tutorial, ignore tips and mute the narrator. This is a game that everyone need to play and for rage quitter. Achievements and rewards are available for completing tasks. Dude, Stop will becoming soon on Steam. Don’t beat yourself up by playing this game. It’s perfect to rage at it.

2. Photographs – EightyEight Games

Photographs  is a puzzle about five distinct stories and the player will have to solve them.  It brings a narrative experience  with sound and voice to uncover the story. The game features pixel art drawn by Octavi Navarro and soundtrack composed by Ben Prunty. Create and expand dioramas for puzzle solving. Your job as the player to reveal stories of the five main characters. Will you seek the truth? Photographs is coming soon in 2018, make sure to subscribe to EightyEight Games newsletter.

1 . Xeno Crisis –  Bitmap Bureau

Xeno Crisis is a Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive top-down arcade shooter . The game is inspired by Contra and Smash TV giving it a nostalgia feeling of the 90s and 80s.  The gameplay of Xeno Crisis is your standard 8 direction moving and shooting style. Escape from alien creature with evasive action and grenades to get out of situations. Defend your self with  9 weapons with limited ammo, rescue hostages and fight off bosses. Explore 5 areas, two-player co-op and two game modes (Arcade and Infinite).  Two difficulty levels (rookie and hardcorps) also  3 credits  but get more on the way. Weapons can be upgrade and powerup can be acquired in exchange for dog tags. Support Xeno Crisis Kickstarter and  Bitmap Bureau development team. 

2018 is going be great for indies and that’s all for today. See you next Sunday for indies. Make sure you support these developers and play these great indies.

Author: anjimplays

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