Indies of the Week #44 – Inspired Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome gamers  it’s Indies of the Week #44 this Sunday.  It’s the end of 2017 as we know it.  2018 is tomorrow and time does flies. Indies game are inspired by many things. Which is the theme for today indies of the week.  Game developers inspired retro and present games to their own. Let see what today’s indie brings us.

Battle High 2 A+

Battle High 2 A+ is a fast pace fighting game that has Street Fighter elements. The setting of Battle High is in  San Bruno High where students are strip from there powers. Battle High 2 A+ is a sequel with improved graphics, balancing and  two new characters (Lucio Marmo and Beat). Battle High 2 A+ has voice acting, 15 playable characters and 2 music themes for each character.  Each character has special moves and supers along with combos.  Local multiplayer is available and arcade mode. Will you uncover the mystery behind student losing power? Battle High 2 A+ is available now on Steam and support Mattrified Games.

A Small Robot Story

Small Robot Story  is a game about Rae who is suddenly activated for no reason. Rae need to find answers on why he was turned on. The robot makes his way to  forests, factories, caves and laboratories to find the source. A Small Robot Story is a platformer inspired by NES-era graphics and chiptune soundtrack. Rae can defend himself against other creatures by shooting them. The game features cutscences and boss fights with rogue bots. Will Rae find why he is activated?   A Small Robot Story is available now on Steam .

Dragon of Legends

Dragon of Legends gives offers over 10 classes, customize skills and easy to pick up gameplay. It take note of Viking mythology in order to stop Ragnarok . The game is very customize heavy from modding and crafting your gear. Weapons, armor and skills are  upgradeable for leveling. Fight huge bosses and master the fighting system.  Viking mythology is not the only one but Norse and Celtic literature. Dragon of Legend is a retro-fuse action role-playing indie game. Will the heroes survive the nine realms? The game is available now on Steam and support Thrive Games.


Oldage is a turn-based strategy which you can create hundreds of unit . Note: the game is easy to learn but hard at mastering.  There are 5 ranks Student, Scholar, Senior ,  Sovereign and Scarlet Rank . Oldage offers competitive gameplay with online or local multiplayer. Each kill rewards you with coins. Coins can buy you skins and units. Rank on leadership board and win the game. Oldage is a free to play game and it’s available now on Steam.

Regions Of Ruin

Regions of Ruin is a blend of side-scrolling and open world role playing.The game is about adventuring into the wild and building your settlement. Play as a unnamed hero who hires workers to find help harvest. Recruit Mercenaries to help you in battle and help dwarves from extinction. Forge your own weapons and gather loot. Customize your town and build up your skill tree. Regions Of Ruin is available now on Steam


Kaze and the Wild Masks  is a 2D adventure platformer which is inspired by Donkey Kong, Sonic and Super mario. Kaz witness a comet strikes on her hometown Carrotland. The comet turns carrot into monster and it up to Kaze to stop them. Kaze can perform acrobatic , using her ears and wear ancient masks for special ability. The game feature 16-bit graphic from the Game Boy Advance ear. Will Kaze uncover the truth behind Carrotland? Subscribe to VOX Game Studio for more info about Kaze and the Wild Masks.

 That’s all for today I mean 2017. As 2017 comes to a end I want to say.You have seen and play some of these indies. I really enjoy the work these developers put into them. I will continue Indies of the Week series and hope to impact readers to play them. Make sure to support these indie developers and help them grow. This is good bye for 2017 it’s been a good year but 2018 is around the corner. I have to wish indie developers and readers Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2018 will be a better year and hopes to expand my blog.

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