Indies of the Week #43 – Seasonal Indie Gaming Sunday

Hello and welcome to a special edition of Indies of the Week. This Sunday it’s seasonal and just in time for the Holidays. We explore the seasonal time in December but that’s today’s theme.  Seasonal in indies is based on the setting of the game. An Indie game can talk places on a snowy night or autumn.  Whatever case may be it brings out the tone of the game.  Here are some indies to look for in 2018 or this year.

Indie 5. Chambara – Team Ok LLC

Chambara is a first-person sword fighting action indie game. The game reminds you of Blind Blades but in 3D form. Hide in black and white world for stealth to surprise your opponents. There is local multiplayer choose 1vs1 or 2vs2 with  friends. All gamepads are available PS4, Xbox One and many more. Use your blade, umbrella and shurikens  in your arsenal. Chambara will be available now on Steam and support Team ok LLC development.

Indie 4. Love Esquire – Yangyang Mobile

Love Esquire is a dating simulator mix with rpg elements. Players control a no good hero from the kingdom of Caerulia. There are five heroines to date and interact with. The battle system is trick and you are companion by a knight that taunts and cheers for you. Waifu meter allows you to track your relationship with your 5 heroines. Shop for items  and relationship advice from a reliable knight. Find happiness or fornever be alone in 11 endings.  There is 16 locations to explore 45 CGs of waifus to see. Support  Love Esquire on Patreon and Yangyang Mobile.

Indie 3. The Unholy Society – Cat-astrophe Games

The Unholy Society is about a retired priest who had a one night stand demonic women. Now he has another problem a sect which features iconic pop culture references.  The Unholy Society is inspired by 90s, 80s, action movies and comic books like Preacher and Constantine. The game has a comic book style and storyline with a humorous twist. Fighting system is  exorcism with live action and turn-based. The pope can assist you in your adventure. Fight against The Werewolf King, the Great Old One, Satan, the Great Voodoo Shaman and Dracula.  The Unholy Society is to be available on Q2 2018 and visit FatDogGames for details.


TAROTICA VOO DOO is a escape room with hand drawn animation. The game is easy to play and keyboard is accessible. Players must use logic to get into the game. There is a fighting monsters in a dungeon and climbing up a hill in a haunted mansion.   The goal is to save your family from monsters and make dinner.  TAROTICA VOO DOO has plenty of challenges to face and a top down perspective. Move the cursor to select object in each room. New areas reveal while opening doors and paths. The battle system is attack and defend against monster attacks, no upgrades and leveling in this game. TAROTICA VOO DOO is coming soon to Steam, be sure to look out for it.

Indie 1 . AcidSoul– Destroy Command Studios

AcidSoul is a rapid-fire air hockey inspired by  80s and 90s Japanese manga artstyle. It is a spiritual successor to Shufflepuck Café  and has Death Stikes (Fatality).  There are 17 levels, hard to master gameplay and equip your character with 30 power ups.  Local and online multiplayer is available and story mode for each character. Face 17 different enemies and gamepad is available for usage.  Support AcidSoul Kickstarter and Destroy Command Studios.

That’s all for today and make sure you support these developers and indies. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. See you in January next year  and I won’t be doing any Indies of the Week  next Sunday.

Author: anjimplays

I am a blogger, Twitch and YouTuber and have a goal to be self employed