Indies of the Week #42 Raising – Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week this Sunday. Today’s theme is raising. Raising a monster or character make  them stronger. It’s like raising a child and teach them about the world.  Indies games, there is a genre called simulation which is sort of raising and a bit more casual. Let’s talk a look at some indies games about raising.

Indie 5.   Boot Hill Bounties – Experimental Gamer Studios

Boot Hill Bounties is a western rpg revolves about four heroes willing to save their homes .It takes inspiration from  90s RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.  The game has four-player local co-op which you can assign characters and control all four heroes.Soundtrack is made by Jake Kaufman who worked on Shantae, Duck Tales and Shovel Knight.  The combat is turn-based but with a twist, your party doesn’t have to wait for their turn.No random encounters but face and defeat 250 enemies. Customization is apart of this game such as your weaponry. Find jobs on a newspaper, farming, side quests and eat 50 types of food.   Sneak up on enemies to get an advantage, camping with your party members and  encounter mysteries. Will you hunt down these outlaws? Boot Hill Bounties is available on Steam and support Experimental Gamer Studios.

Indie 4. Madcap Castle – Diel Mormac Games

Madcap Castle is a puzzle adventure indie game. Players control a mage on a quest to find his memory and power. There are 150 levels with challenges and secrets. Note: demo version has 45 levels. The graphics is Game Boy 8-bit with only 4 colours. In the castle, there are spell books to help you solves puzzles. Puzzles as follows lighting candles, use levers and etc. Madcap Castle won SBGames Official Selection Sao Paulo 2016 award. Madcap Castle is available on Steam and support Diel Mormac Games.

Indie 3. Clive ‘N’Wrench – Dinosaur Bytes

Clive ‘N’Wrench is a 3D platformer indie game where player play a duo named Clive and Wrench. Trying to stop Dr Daucus and there is time traveling.  Clive ‘N’Wrench takes elements from Ratchet N Clank and Jak N Dexter. Use wrench to defeat enemies, jump on platformers and other special moves. There are 11 levels such as Egypt, Ice age and old west. Support Clive ‘N’Wrench and Dinosaur Bytes on Patron and going to Discord.

Indie 2. Tobu Tobu Girl – Tangram Games

Tobu Tobu Girl is bouncing off enemies balloon-fight indie game.  You play as a girl trying to save your cat from floating into the atmosphere. There is a catch it has a time limit so you have to hurry. Dash to maneuver to other enemies to gain momentum. Flap your arms to travel upward faster  but be careful you will run emengy. Tobu Tobu Girl has Game Boy graphic and eccentric soundtrack. Tobu Tobu Girl is will now on and support Tangram Games.

Indie 1 . CastleBound – Scott Reid

CastleBound is a 2d metroidvania adventure rpg indie game. Players control a young noble who is on a journey to defeat a evil wizard. There are shops, dungeons and secrets to explore.  There is multiple weapons such as swords, axes, spears and rapiers to defeat enemies. Craft weapons, armor, equipment and spells by gathering materials. Playthough multiple levels such as haunted houses, forests and castles. Farm your crops ad animal, also get married in this game. Support CastleBound Kickstarter and check out Scott Reid’s indie.

That’s all for today and tune in next Sunday for a very special Christmas Eve indies of the week. See you next time and support these indies and developers.

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