Indies of the Week #41 – Disrupt Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week # 41 this Sunday. Before I get to the theme for today. I am been at Anime USA 2017 yesterday and last Friday. It was no indies there but I had fun. Anime 2017 blog post will be on Friday before Christmas shopping . Today’s theme is disrupt in indies you have a primary objective. There is a disrupt or obstacle that you must overcome to achieve it. Let’s see what indies we have in store for us gamers.

5. Juicy Realm – SpaceCan

Juicy Realm is a rogue-like shooter indie game.   Plants  are eating human and now human are the top of the food chain. In gameplay, players gain weapons , items and gear to fight off human-eating plants. Defend of and expand your  based camp. Play alone or with friends in campaign mode. If you don’t end of plant food support SpaceCan. Follow SpaceCam on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

4. BRKÖUT – Stupid Massive Unbelievable Games

BRKÖUT is a classic brick breaking indie game.  This game is not just any block breaking game but unique one. The concept is break all the block and rebuild your platformer.  Do this by collecting brick as you go. Play the game night and day with 16:9 display settings. Gamepad and keyboard is accessible for this game. 2 hours of gameplay reminds you of the Atari days.  BRKÖUT  is available now on Steam  and visit Stupid Massive Unbelievable Games website.

3. Kill the Superweapon – Renegade Sector Games

Kill the Superweapon is 3D twin-sick action indie game. The game uses  diorama style perspective which allows for twin-stick shooting, jumping, and 3D environments. The  plat of the game is Samantha Kill who is a mission to destroy weapons manufacturer Abaddon Inc. Abaddon Inc is manufacturing super-soldiers  to use World War III. Samantha uses a  Total Ablation Beam an weapon stolen from Abaddon Inc. You have to find batteries to charge up  Total Ablation Beam . Will Sam take him Abaddon Inc? Kill the Superweapon is available in March 2018 and check out Renegade Sector Games website for more.

2. DreadEye VR – Digital Happiness

DreadEye VR is a virtual reality indie game. You are a Indonesian shaman  that can craft and open portals to the spirit realm. In order to do this, you have follow instructions. Cook ingredients which require to open the portal. Restart if you are mess up on a ingredient or instruction. Summon ghosts and  find them with flashlights. Talk to ghost and survive because some of them are hostile. DreadEye VR is available now on Steam and visit Digital Happiness website.

1 . The Ballad Singer – Curtel Games

The Ballad Singer is a visual novel mix with RPG indie game. It  has a Domino System is what allows you to live thousands of different narratives . If you are playing as a adventure and die, another will be playable. There are four characters to choose from. Remember choices you make will affect the game. For example, equipement, magic and your party members. Play through single or co-op and change the fate of heroes. Support The Ballad Singer on Kickstarter and Curtel Games.

That’s all for today and see you next Sunday for more Indies of the Week. Make sure to the developer and play these indies.

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