Indies of the Week #40 – Epic Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week # 40 this Sunday. Before I get to some indies I would like to announce that. There will not Indies of the Week next week or new blog posts. I just want to take a week along break from the blog.  I want to spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday with my family.  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and signup for my mailing list. Check out my YouTube and Twitch for gaming content.  Today’s theme is epic, indies tell stories and has remarkable gameplay. Developers make these indies with their hearts content and thankful for having a gift. Let’s see what indies we have today.

6. PROTOTYPE MANSION – Jupiter Lighthouse

Prototype Mansion is a survival horror classic style indie game. This game reminds you of old school Resident Evil on the PSX days. I think it’s a parody of the game and voice acting. Solve puzzles and 32 bit Playstation graphics. Find items to health or cure sickness. Investigate strange occurrence and  shoot zombies. Prototype Mansion is available now on at a bin price.  Check out Jupiter Lighthouse website for more information about Prototype Mansion.

5. Light Apprentice: The Comic Book RPG – Amazu Media

Light Apprentice – The Comic Book RPG is a turn-based indie game were comics integrate with video games. Players take control of Nate who is a light apprentice. You have control on what Nate and other apprentices based on the player actions. Customize your hero and befriend monster to help you in battle. Level up your apprentice and collect items to use in battle. Comic style hand drawn graphics set the tone of the game. Spare or defeat a monster like Undertale. What  apprentice will you be? Light Apprentice: The Comic Book RPG is available now on Steam and visit Amazu Media website for more details. Note: other volumes of Light Apprentice: The Comic Book RPG are coming soon.

4. Witch Thief – Cardboard Keep

Witch Thief is a dodging bullet hell indie game. The concept of Witch Thief is to get to the end of the level. Defeating minions and dodging enemies attacks.  There are playable characters to choose with abilities and dialogue. after defeating all the minions you will face the boss. You are a witch who is on a mission to steal the Ancient Grimoire. There are accessibility options such as color blind,  rebindable keys, dyslexic font option and difficulty ranges. Witch Thief will be available soon on Steam and Cardboard Keep site for release date and info.

3. Ash of Gods – AurumDust

Ash of Gods is a  turn-based indie RPG game. The game has three protagonist and storyline is player’s choice. Each choice inpacts the storyline of the game. Ash of God is a blend with CCG and traditional turn-based strategy. There is not dice roll but playing cards with enhance or power your character. Play with a friend with PvP along with customization your deck and upgrading your character.  Setting a small team of warrior makes the round more quick and faster card draw, The graphic is inspired by Ralph Bakshi ‘s The Lord of the Rings and Soyuzmultfilm (The Snow Queen). Soundtrack is done by three composers Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, and Michal Cielecki. Ash of Gods  will be available on 2018 for Steam but check out AurumDust website for details.

2. Crowns Frostbite – Crowns

Crowns Frostbite is a monster breeding indie game which it reminds you of Pokemon. There are 200 monster to collect and breed. Each monster have abilities and stats, In battle, you can defend, use items, gain levels and attack. Play against a friend online and trade monsters.  Check out Crowns website for more information about the game.

1 . Raji: An Ancient Epic – Ian Maude

Raji An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in ancient IndiaPlayers take control of Raji who is chosen by the god to fight a  demonic invasion. Also Raiji is on a mission to rescue her younger brother of the human realm. Raji: An Ancient Epic has religious  Hindu and Balinese mythology and India culture. Hand-paint Artstyle capturing medieval architecture of Rajasthan. Raji can use gods with unique abilities and empower weapons. Support  Raji: An Ancient Epic Kickstarter and Ian Maude website for more information.

Well that’s it for today and tune in after Thanksgiving for more indies. I hope you have a great holiday weekend and support these developers. See you next time on Indies of the Week.

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