Indies of the Week #39 – Surprising Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the Week #39 this sunday. I hope you had a surprising Veterans Day weekend I did a post yesterday thanking all the vets who served.  Let’s get right to today’s theme surprising, indies are full of wonders. Indie developers want to surprise based on playing the game. For example, popular culture references, paying homage and out of the world gameplay. Here are some indie games to check out and support .

Indie 8.   Slashers: The Power Battle – Stun Games

Slashers: The Power Battle is a 2D fighting indie game that takes inspiration from Street Fighter 3, Last Blade, Samurai Shodown and Guilty Gear. It has fluid animation, simple 4 controls (  Slash, Big Slash, Kick, Chaos) and other input modes. Tutorial mode for beginners,  11 playable fighters plus free dlc. Game modes such as network, arcade, story, versus and combo challenge. Customize characters and buy accessories with in-game currency. Cartoon-like graphics reminds of Burning Rival  , tactical mechanic  such as Counter Block, Power Recovery and Chaos Break. Choose up to two styles red and blue chaos move types.  Slashers: The Power Battle is available now for Early Access on Steam.   For more information on Slashers: The Power Battle  got to Stun Games website.

Indie 7. Stitched – Fluffex Studios

Stitched is a horror adventure indie  game  that tell a story about  Catherine Stockholmes’s nightmare.  Catherine  wakes up in a factory and want to escape. Stitched game has puzzle to progress the game’s storyline and exploration. Goth and dark art style makes that a true horror. Catherine has to make a decision in order to escape  the factory. Will Catherine escape for faith or find freedom? Stitched is available now on Steam .

Indie 6. LeftWay – Tongsun

LeftWay is a horror adventure indie  game where a woman named Nampung who stumble in a strange world. It controls are using the direction button to move  Nampung. Camera angle is still and in order to progress thought the game. The player must solve a puzzle such as combinations and etc. Use items and combine them to use on your adventure. Interact with people to find out were you are.  Will Nampung  find the way out and Leftway is available on Steam.

Indie 5. Death Coming – NEXT Studio

Death Coming is a non-linear puzzle game where players take on the role of a grim reaper. The premise of the game is you have died and a agent of death. Meaning you have the power of a grim reaper like Death Note.  Death Coming has a top-down perspective which you can observe victims and plan your move. Guide the grim reaper’s hand and perform single and multi kills. Watch how people react to death and change their action. Do you have what it takes to do the grim reaper’s bidding? Death Coming is available now on Steam  and for info check out NEXT Studio website  .

Indie 4. The Red Strings Club – Deconstructeam

The Red Strings Club is a cyberpunk narrative indie game that player use futuristic tech skills to take down a corporation. Players take control of two heroes a bartender and  freelance hacker. Together the duo on a mission to take down Supercontinent Ltd  for using Social Psyche Welfare. The Red Strings Club has a Psychological bartending mechanic which you read your customer’s mood and gather information. Genetic Implant Pottery is a high tech lathe implant which  changes attitude and direction of Supercontinent Corporation. Vocal Corporate Espionage is impersonate a voice on the telephone to uncover  Supercontinent’s plan. Will you uncover the mystery of Supercontinent Ltd plan? The Red Strings Club  will be available on January 2018 on Steam. For more info on The Red Strings Club go to Deconstructeam website.

Indie 3.  Alder’s Blood  – ShockworkGames

Alder’s Blood is a dark and damp turn-based, tactical strategic 2D indie game. It  takes inspiration from Bloodborne, X-Com and Darkest Dungeon. The gameplay and mechanics is a hex-grid navigation system turn-based battle. Plan your strategy accordingly because your stamina points (don’t worry it will replenish after turns. There are different classes of hunters with unique abilities, strengths or weaknesses and  weapons. Use your sense to hide from enemies and smell enemies which lead to them to you.  Will you defeat the boss and complete your hunt? Alder’s Blood will be available on 2018 or 2019, for more information go to ShockworkGames website.

Indie 2. Stoneshard – Ink Stains Games

Stoneshard is a turn-based RPG indie game is where you are the leader of the Caravan of Companions. Players must gather followers for your cause. Stoneshard features roguelike gameplay and face hundreds of enemies.  Keep tabs on your followers and use magic, sleath  or weapons. Find equipment and  customize your party members. Buy items to take on your journey and gain exp to level up.  Stoneshard  will be available on 2018 and visit Ink Stains Games website for more information.

Indie 1. Something To Do With Love – Kabangeh Fitzroy

Something To Do With Love is a romantic, slice of life dating sim indie game. Player take control of a bachelor in the small city of Garden Grove. Something To Do With Love is a visual novel point and click elements. Also features full motion video cutscenes and give you the freedom to explore.  Weather simulation effect the characters mood and personal schedule will change.  Players have a choice during their interactions but rumor may stir on certain characters. Soundtrack is upbeat that set the tone of this game. Support  Something To Do With Love Kickstarter if you are a furry lover.

That’s all for today and tune in for next Sunday . Make sure to support these developers and these indies.

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