Indies of the Week #38 – Exploration Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to Indies of the Week # 38 this Sunday. Happy Daylight Savings Time and today’s theme is exploration. Explore different worlds in indie can take you on many journey. Due to indie game developers artstyle and story-telling. Let’s see what indie we have in store for today.

Indie 8. Cede – BareHand

Cede is a 3D action-RPG which inspired by Diablo and Harvest Moo farming system. The core mechanics are farming and combat but just those two. Transforming plants and control them, two types of plants defender and supporter. Defenders attack  monsters and supporters heal  and boost stats. Kind of reminds me of Plants Vs Zombies, players can create their own farm. Gathering materials, fight off horde of enemies and explore new worlds. Support the Cede Kickstarter and check out BareHand website for more info.

Indie 7. Debris – Moonray Studios

Debris is an atmospheric single-player adventure indie game. The concept of Debris is you are part of a small team filming a groundbreaking discovery in the Arctic ocean.  Several explosions sends your team stranded in the bottom of the ocean. You have a choice escape with your team or go die alone. In the ocean, you have to defend yourself. Debris has weapons that defeat hostile enemies. Storyline progress based on your choice and stunning underwater HD graphics. Soundtrack which adds suspense like a horror movie. Will you escape the depth of the Arctic ocean?  Debris is available now on Steam and more info go to Moonray Studios website.

Indie 6. Don’t Make Love – Maggese

Don’t Make Love is a love situation indie game which players take control of a praying mantis. Male and female mantis are in a relationship, whether or not will it end or could be repaired. Don’t Make Love is very interactive and use the keyboard to type in your answer. Note: developer stated that the game is very short but entertaining. Multi language users the team at Maggese are considering putting other languages in the game. Don’t Make Love is only available in english Aside for languages, hand-drawn art gives the game a cinematic feel. Will these mantis find love or end it?  Don’t Make Love is available now on Steam and find out more got to Maggese website.

Indie 5. Paramedium 2: Girl in the Road – AGL Studios

Paramedium 2: Girl in the Road is a light horror visual novel indie game. Paramedium 2 is the sequel to Paramedium: A Noise in the Attic. Play as male and female cedric who takes on cases to fight the undead.  Paramedium 2 has mini-games which you disarm bombs and shoot zombies. A single route 30 mins and will you take on the dead. Paramedium 2: Girl in the Road is available now on

Indie 4. Boss 101 – Donley Time Foundation

Boss 101 is an action adventure indie game where players take control of Max. Max is on a mission to help his bother to save the world. The game is nothing but boss fights Once you defeat bosses earn cash to buy items and weapons. Boss 101 is also a make your boss simulation game. Customize your hero with hats that grant you powers. There are pet you can keep around. Story interaction between Boss, Max and Steve also help your understand what is going on. Several game modes such as story, save the robos, classic and many more.  Boss 101  is available on Steam and support Donley Time Foundation.

Indie 3. Your Last Day – Youtouch

Your last day is a first-person atmospheric survival horror slenderman-like indie game. Player control a unknown protagonist who is trapped in a hotel. You don’t know where to go and how to get out. Through your journey in the hotel, you will fight letter written in blood. Your last day puts in a  dark and creepy atmosphere. Your last day is available on for free.

Indie 2. Ciel Fledge –  Studio Namaapa

Ciel Fledge is a raising simulation indie game where the objective is to raise your adopted daughter. The setting of Ciel Fledge is Arks which alien attack civilization and people have evacuate from Ark 5. Players take control of Ciel of the survivors of Ark 5 and what will happen in a 10 year life span.    Ciel Fledge is three segments visual novel, simulation aspect and battle.  Simulation you assume the role of a parent and taking care of Ciel.  Visual novel is conversations and battle which is a puzzle system.  Will Ciel live life peacefully? Check out Ciel Fledge Kickstarter and visit Studio Namaapa.

Indie 1 . Ara of the Wanderers – Bearmancer

Ara of the Wanderers is a action indie game which player take control of Ara. Who loss her arm and now coming after her. This game is inspired by Zelda and Deus Ex and help Ara solve puzzles to find  mysterious. Interacting with people can open new secrets such as new areas and rare items. Combat in Ara is straightforward, you are armed with a rifle and shield. Also obtain information about enemies weakpoint and timing. Several items can help you in your journey and to solve puzzles. Will Ara overcome the truth? Support Ara of the Wanderers on Kickstarter and visit Bearmancer website for updates.

That’s all for today and make sure to support these developers and indies. Tune in next Sunday for more exciting indies.

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