Indies of the Week #36 – Amusing Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the Week  #36 this Sunday. Today’s is amusing, in indies game could be fun. Player are amusing at the gameplay and character designs. Indies are fun right, we have alot of Sunday games to get to. Let see what amusing indies we have this week.


Virtual Earth Survival is a sandbox MMORPG indie game. VEO is in the development stage at the moment. Hands-on the player is stuck on a island and have to build shelter. Gather materials and hunt for food to survival.  Virtual Earth Survival reminds me of Minecraft’s heart system. Day and Night system is like Minecraft as well beware of predators. Check out VEO Games website for more details about Virtual Earth Survival. Download Virtual Earth Survival demo and try it for yourself.

Indie 9. Shadow of the Mask – Tetera y Kiwi

Shadow of the Mask is a classically inspired Point’n’Click graphic adventure indie game . Players explore a retro futuristic  world where detective Alanis investigates a brutal murder. It’s up to Alanis to solve the case of Golden Age Superheroes. Shadow of the Mask art style reminds me of Rick and Morty and looks amazing. Alanis investigation there is a inventory system in place. Several objects are required to progress through the game. Combine items and conservation system is based on choice with interacting with inhabitants of Emerald City. There are two puzzles in Shadow of the Mask mental strength and action. Shadow of the Mask is on Kickstarter and play the demo. Visit Tetera y Kiwi website for more info about Shadow of the Mask.

Indie 8.  Boyfriend Dungeon – Kitfox Games

Boyfriend Dungeon is the the playful shack-and-slash  indie game. The game lets you rescue and date weapons. Weapons turning into a human being. This game is a very unique concept and reminds me of a anime that humans turn into weapons. Sign up for Kitfox Games  mailing list on their website for more information.

Indie 7. Catmaze – Redblack Spade

Catmaze action platformer role-playing indie game. The plot of Catmaze revolves around young sorceress named Alesta.  Who want to bring in the balance between cats and other creatures. Alesta uses familiars with unique abilities to battle mythical creatures. Catmaze has elements of metroidvania to backtrack  to find new skills and secrets. Customize Alesta playstyle and fight bosses. Catmaze is available 2018 on Steam and Support Redblack Spade.

Indie 6. Vitamin Girl – ANDORE

Vitamin Girl is a throwback to the old runner and high speed classics indie. Player take control of Vitamin girl who tries to save the world from with Kokoman and Kokogirl. Vitamin Girl  has a arcade mode with no lives and start from the beginning. 20 levels to exlpore and 10 level on nightmare mode. Collect 100 cans in each level to unlock concept art for Gallery mode. Instead of running with your feet, Vitamin Girl  can use bikes and hoverboards. Can you save the world from Koko Cola disease and Vitamin Girl is available now in Steam .

Indie 5. Everything is Going to be Okay – Alien Melon

Everything is Going to be Okay is a interactive bizarre indie game. The game coves religion, politics and mental disorder. Everything is Going to be Okay ask yourself about how the world is to you. Inspired by MS-DOS and Windows 95 motifs, this indie is on a world of it own. Everything is Going to be Okay is available on and visit Alien Melon website.

Indie 4. Witchkin – Coven Games

Witchkin is a first person ‘hide-and-sneak’ survival horror indie game. Inspired by  Slenderman or Five Nights at Freddies,Witchkin  puts you into a point of view of a child. Finding his little sister in a abandoned Texas farmhouse in the 1920’s. This child has to face terrifying toys and deranged woman known as the Candy Lady. In order to escape the house, the child has to sneak, hide and stay quiet. Witchkin is available now on Steam and visit Coven Games website don’t be scared.

Indie 3. HEIANKYO ALIEN – Mindware Co.,Ltd.

Heiankyo Alien is a  compilation of the arcade version indie game.  There is a arcade version, Heiankyo alien 3671 is killing aliens before the time limit and score attack. Items are available and get bonus by discovering them. Idle version  is a collaboration with Guildoll, “2.5 dimension figure idols. The game rules are the same as Heiankyo alien 3671. The soundtrack of Heiankyo Alien is composed by Wing☆ who worked on The Super Shinobi and  Street of Rage series. HEIANKYO ALIEN is available now on Steam and visit Heiankyo Alien website.

Indie 2. Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel –  [erka:es] & Darksquid Media

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel is a 2D side scrolling action platformer indie game and sequel to Rosenkreuzstilette. Players take control of Freudia Neuwah who is on a mission to save her friend from a Imperial witch hunt. The goal of the game is to defeat 8 bosses like Mega Man. Game mode such as Arcade and Story mode. Jump, slide and shoot are your mechanics in this game. Also hold down shoot button to slide and make sure your magic gauge doesn’t go down to 0. Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel is available now on Steam.

Indie 1 . White Lie – Abize Studio

White Lie is a point and click indie game that players take control of Greg the rabbit plushie. Greg is on a journey to find his missing owner.  White Lie features hand-down sepia tones style. Facing surreal and desolate worlds. There are two mechanics memory interaction is Greg’s time with Emma and mementos. Finding clues about Emma whereabouts and find the history of those objects. Make sure to visit  Abize Studio to find more info on White Lie.

That’s all for today and tune in next Sunday for more Indies of the Week. Be sure to support these developers and indies.

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