Indies of the Week #33 – Magic Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week #33 this Sunday. Today’s theme is magic, do you believe in magic in indies? Magic is what the tone of indies making say wow! Gameplay and characters (who are magican or heroes), take on you a magical journey. It’s the first of October and halloween is coming. Lets see what indies we have today:

Indie 9.  Darkestville Castle –  Epic LLama

Darkestville Castle is a point and click indie game. The game is inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. The game pays homage to 90s point and click adventures. Players take the role of Ci, laid-back being of pure darkness that will see his evil routine life disrupted by The Romero brothers. Solve puzzles, meet interesting characters and enjoy 7 hours of gameplay. Darkestville Castle is awarded BEST GAME NARRATIVE indie game. If you want a captivating Tim Burton-ish story support Epic LLama and buy Darkestville Castle on Steam.

Indie 8. Project Nimbus –  GameCrafterTeam

Project Nimbus is a high speed mech action indie game.  Players control mechs named BattleFrames which has array of weapons. Players can also dodge, switch to cockpit view and customize your BattleFrame. Project Nimbus have a story mode and various characters. For those who want a HD high speed mech game it’s available on Steam and visit the website.

Indie 7. Eternal Lore –  Hitbear Studio

Eternal Lore is a classic action-rpg indie game. It’s all about exploring, completing quests and fighting monsters. Players can customize their hero with equipping weapons, magic and skills. Take you hero into monster arena to gain more exp and win prizes. Secret areas are available for players can find. Eternal Lore is available on Steam for role-playing fans alike.

Indie 6. LVL99 AxeRage – Master UOMU

LVL99 AxeRage is a retro action-platformer indie game. Thee game is an homage to 80s and 90s games. Also inspired by Megaman X, Castlevania, Street fighter, and Super Metroid. Not just video games but B-movies and players take control of Chein (who is firefighter) a axe. Chein is on a journey to defend the city from aliens. Chein has various moves or skills such as Axe Uppercut, control pets, Power Bomb, Giga Attack and more. Players can upgrade Chein, find collectibles, explore secret arenas and take down bosses. Make sure to support LVL99 AxeRage and Master UOMU at Indiegogo . LVL99 AxeRage is demo is available as well.


ECHO is a third-person science fiction adventure indie game. Players take control of a woman named En who wants to use forgotten technologies to revive a man. En abilities are making copies of herself called Echoes. Echoes can react the same way as En do but faster and stealthier. There is a blackout mechanic which the echos can updated your behavior. En will have to switch into run and gun. Will En survive The Palace? Echo is available now on Steam and visit ULTRA ULTRA website.

Indie 4. Battle Princess Madelyn – Causal Bit Games

Battle Princess Madelyn is a  classic action-adventure indie game. Players take the role of Madelyn a princess on a journey to defeat a evil wizard. Battle Princess Madelyn takes inspiration from  Ghouls N’ Ghosts and Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap. Venture to 10 levels and find collectables. Use 10 weapons and each 3 sets of armor. Fritzy is your ghost dog companion who helps you throughout the game. Battle Princess Madelyn is original story and stunning pixel art visuals. Combo meter for juggling enemies and ton of replay value. The game offers two soundtrack classic arcade FM/PCM and OrchestratedMake sure to support  Battle Princess Madelyn on Kickstarter and visit Causal Bit Games website.

Indie 3. Fight’N Rage – Sebagamesdev

Fight’N Rage is a old-school side-scroller beat’em up indie game. Inspired by golden age of 90s arcade games.  Players play as two humans and a mutant named Gal, Ricardo and F.Norris These three heroes on a mission to take down “The Boss” and his army of mutants who start “the big pulse” event. Take alternative paths in-game to change the outcome in the ending. Preform juggle combos  with a 3 button layout. Up to 3 players can join in with optional friendly fire.  Extra mode is where you play as 20 enemies. Training is to polish your skills and custom display modes. For speedruns there is a timer and versus mode. Parry system is to counter enemies attacks and cancel out normal attacks. Unlock costumes, coins and enhance gameplay. Fight’N Rage is available now on Steam .

Indie 2. The Witch’s Isle – COCOSOLA

The Witch’s Isle” is a puzzle-adventure indie game. The story of The Witch’s Isle is villagers get a visit from a witch. If the player finds the witch urn by 4:00 you will lose There is 7 different endings in The Witch’s Isle. Move the camera to follow other characters and pay attention on what other islanders are doing. The Witch’s Isle is available now on Steam and visit COCOSOLA website.

Indie 1 . The Good Life – White Owls

The Good Life is a debt repayment life simulation rpg indie game. Created by Swery who brought you Deadly Premonition. Players take the role of a photographer named Naomi who has to pay off a massive debt.  Little to know people turn into cats and dogs at night in Rainy Woods. Customize Naomi to boost and decrease character growth. Naomi is there at Rainy Woods to solve a murder of a young girl. Take photos of people and various things. Research, report and earn a pay check. Naomi Photography mecahinc are talking a camera stance, aim, focus and snap. Customize your camera to take better photos.   The Good Life is on Fig make sure to support it.

That’s all for today and happy October to the readers. Make sure you tune in next Sunday and support these indie developers.

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