Indies of the Week #32 – Time Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addidtion Indies of the Week #32  this Sunday. Today’s theme is time, time in indies sets in the past or future. The story of an indies can take you on a journey of the character. Let’s see what indies we have store for today.

Indies 6. Lethal League Blaze – Team Reptile

Lethal League Blaze is the sequel to Lethal League and it’s a projectile fighting game indie. There is a teaser trailer for the Lethal League Blaze on the website.  Lethal League Blaze has more characters and game modes to choose from. Enhance graphics making the game more high quality.  Along with the final boss of  Lethal League  Doombox  is making a return.  4 player multiplayer local and online is  back. If you want more info about Lethal League Blaze head to Team Reptile wesbite and Discord.

Indies 5. Jettomero: Hero of the Universe – Ghost Time Games

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is a causal indie game. Players take control of an clumsy gaint robot named Jettomero in order to take the human race. Jettomero art style is comic book ish with procedurally generated graphics. Progress through the game and you will unlock Jettomero back story. Customize Jettomero and find parts throughout the planet. Soundtrack is down-tempo sci-fi making the game strand out. For folks who want to buy an giant robot indie, Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is available now on Steam and visit the website.

Indies 4. Citadale: The Legends Trilogy – Ezekiel Rage

Citadale: The Legends Trilogy is a metrovania indie game. It contains three games (Citadale: Gate of Souls, Curse of Darkness  and  Legacy of Fate). Join Sonja Dorleac on a journey to stop the forces of darkness with her legendary Shadow Blade. Sonja has array of weapons such as swords, axes and shurikens. There are two endings good and bad depending on how you play.  Sonja Dorleac is available on Steam and support Ezekiel Rage by visiting the website.

Indies 3. Super Hydorah – Abylight Studios

Super Hydorah is an nonlinear horizontal shoot’em up indie game. The game is easy to play and defend against bio-mechanical creatures. Play your way up to  21 levels divided into 35 sublevels. Fight through 35 bosses and more than 100 enemies. Go solo or Co-op with a friend to help you fight. Weapon selection and power ups to strengthen your ship. Non-linear route to take shortcuts throughout the level. Soundtrack have over 60 tracks to listen to and multiple endings. If you want a retro shooter make sure to buy the Super Hydorah on Steam and visit Abylight Studios website.

2. Path to Mnemosyne – Devilishgames

Path to Mnemosyne is a black and white adventure indie game. You play as a girl trapped in a unknown world. Little to know about Path to Mnemosyne but i love the art style. The girl can move sideways and go upside down. She can solve puzzles and get to one place to another. Path to Mnemosyne is set to launch 2018. Visit Devilishgames website for more info.

1 . City of Brass – Uppercut Games Pty Ltd

City of Brass is a first-person rogue-like indie game.  The game has a Arabian Nights themed. Players fight enemies with  scimitar and a whip. The whip can grab, trip, disarm, stun  and shatter enemies. During the game you have to beat the level before sands of time runs out. Watch out for traps and interact with genes to earn loot or grant wishes. There is a replay value in City of Brass. If you want an Arabian fps indie make sure you buy it on Steam and visit Uppercut Games website.

Thanks all for today and make sure you support these developers. Tune in to the next Indies of the week.

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