Indies of the Week # 29 – Futuristic Indie Game Sunday

Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week #29. This Sunday week’s theme is futuristic. Futuristic indie games takes you on a journey filled with machines and technology. Let’s see what futuristic indies we have in store today.

Indie 7. Beyond-Human – Domino99

Beyond Human is a metroidvania sci-fi hack n’ slash platformer indie game. Adam is the protagonist of the story and find your purpose in the world. 6 world to explore in Adam’s journey and 6 boss fights. Adam is equip with 6 weapons including rifle and katana. Including modding and enhance you arsenal. Execute ultra-fast combos and environmental storytelling. Beyond Human is on Kickstarter and make sure to support it.

Indie 6. 1bitHeart – △○□× (Miwashiba)

1bitHeart is a mystery adventure indie game. The plot is Nanashi who is a boy who solve mysteries around the town. The same creator who brought you Alicemare comes a detective game 1bitHeart. There are 3 part in bitHeart, Detective Part  gather clues and evidence to solve the case.  Conversation Part, same as detective but use topics to start a conversation. Free Mode is exploration thoughout the town and do whatever you want. Note: 1bitHeart was originally free but special events has been added. 1bitHeart is available now on Steam and get the bundle too.

Indie 5. K.O. Mech – Ektomarch

K.O. Mech is a action indie game. Ko Mech takes inspiration from 90s action games. Play as a robot with 3 attacks based on punches. K.O. Mech is easy to pick up and destroy enemies in style. Make enemies cause a chain reaction and fight bosses. K.O. Mech will be available on Fall 2017 and visit the website.

Indie 4. Anomie – Cascade of Leaves

Anomie is a visual novel adventure indie game. It’s  set in a world that Quetin (hero) experiencing chain of events. Anomie is not just a reguulat novel but kinetic. Less than 7 -10 of reading to understand the story. Art resolution is at least 1920×1080 graphics pixels. Anomie is a type of game that answer some questions.  Anomie is available now on Steam and make sure you buy it.

Indie 3. Steel Assault – Sri Kankanahalli

Steel Assault is a 2D side-scrolling action indie game. The game plot sets in Washington, DC  in the year 2030. General Magnus Pierce is talking control of DC and you as a  resistance soldier equipped with a powerful robotic suit. Your mission is to take down General Magnus Pierce once and for all. Steel Assault is inspired by late 8-bit NES games like Shatterhand and Batman. Developer note that the game is highly difficultly and you have one life. Make sure you sure Steel Assault and visit the website.

Indie 2. Defenders of Ekron – In Vitro Games

Defenders of Ekron is a adventure/shmup indie game. The story of Defenders of Ekron is Eneas is trained cadet piloting ariship Anakim which can absorbing and transforming the energy. There is a group of rogue Anakim pilots and it’s up to Eneas to stop them. Defenders of Ekron features 360 degree shooting style. Scenarios which Eneas can discover and analyze environments. Anakim equip with special shield and different combat modes. Defenders of Ekron is available now on Steam and visit the website.

Indie 1 . The Man Called Merc  – Those Coded Lunatics

The Man Called Merc is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up indie game. Player take control of Merc a man for hire. Merc fights a horde of cybernetic enemies in Falgore City. The Man Called Merc features black and white comic book story style. Merc can use gun ans sword to fight off emenies and bosses.  For more information about the game visit the website.

That’s all for today and tune in next Sunday for another addition of indies. Make Sure you support these developers and buy these indies.

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