Indies of the Week #27 – Pixelart Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week! I hope you enjoy the Otakon edition. Today’s theme is pixelart this art style has been very popular in indie games. Pixel art could make the indie game look memorizing and stand out. Here is the list of indies games

Indie 4. Ribbert’s Adventure – Diest64

Ribbert’s Adventure is a 2.5D platformer indie game. This game takes inspiration from Klonoa, Megaman Legends and Mario. You play as a frog named Ribbert who journeys in to world. Using his tongue to swing, attack and grab. If you want to learn more about the game visit the website.

Indie 3. 20XX –  Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games

 20xx is a rogerlike action platformer indie game. Right off the bat this game is inspired by Megaman but feature co-op (online and local) not just single player. There are 100 powerups and challenges such as Seeded Daily and Weekly. For replay value there are plenty of game modes and random levels. Permanent death is in this game and you can buy upgrades (you will need Soul Chips) at HQ. If you want a Megaman like indie make sure to buy this game on Steam and visit the website.

Indie 2. Lona: Realm of Colors – SpaceFox

Lona: Realm of Colors is a point and click adventure in nature focusing on art and narration indie game. The story of the game is you as the artist let Lona story to bring peace and balance to her work. Explore two world chaotic and dark side which represents Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Ruppel. There are 15 scenes of Lona memories and you can use items which affects both worlds.  The project is inspired by Hayao Miyazuki and there is some reference of the game. If you want a art point and click game make sure you support the Kickstarter and visit the website.

Indie 1 . Necrocosmos  –  Andromeda Project

Necrocosmos  is a 8-bit metroidvania indie game. In this game you get investigate and explore planets. The game features to two game modes metroidvania and bullet-hell. You can upgrade your spacecraft and solve puzzles. Metroidvania gameplay is you are equip with a jetpack , armor DNA gun which you can enhance. Resoruces are available for your ship and survival.  If you want a space adventure indie make sure you support the Kickstarter and download the demo.

That’s it for today and I hope you enjoy them, Make sure to support these developers and tune in for next week.

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