Indies of the Week #25 – Power Indie Sunday Gaming

Happy Sunday to everyone reading this post and welcome to another indies of the week. Today’s theme is power, what type of game doesn’t have power? Is it for the heart or wisdom? indie characters always have a power they can relies on. Without further let see what games we have in store.

Indie 6.  Samurai Riot – Wako Factory

Samurai Riot is a 2D cooperative Beat’em up Arcade indie game with a twist.  You play as two warriors Sukane and Tsurumaru. The game has a unique co-op system which you and your can use co-op special move but it’s all about teamwork. Choice you make in the game as a result of multiple endings. Unlock abilities and skills for each character, play the game for new path and stories. Also recommended for speedrunners if you want to finish the game in a limited time. If you want a co-op indie buy this game and visit the website.

Indie 5. Ambition: A Minuet in Power – Joy Manufacturing Co

Ambition: A Minuet in Power is visual novel indie game. You play as a young women who seduce other to get into a higher society.  The gameplay focused on socializing and building your reputation. There is a schedule on what parties to go to, so don’t miss out of any other them. Choose between five outfits to impress the five factions. Increasing your rep can unlock abilities and bonus and maybe seduce your way to power by impress power individuals. The story is not about your rep but a love story as well. The soundtrack is composed by  John Robert Matz and encounter wild enemies such as harpies and more. If you want a manipulative protagonist indie game make sure you buy this game and check the website.

Indie 4. Juanito Arcade Mayhem –  Game Ever Studio

Juanito Arcade Mayhem is a classic arcade shooter indie game. You play as a lazy boy named Juanito who tries to save classic arcade world from aliens. The game has 80+ levels, Endless Survival Mode, and local co-op mode. There is weapons and power ups as well. 70 Steam achievements and trading cards you can collect. Gamepad or keyboard which ever you are conforable playing with. If you want a cartoonish retro arcade game make sure you buy this game and visit the website.

Indie 3. Fidel Dungeon Rescue –  Daniel Benmergui

Fidel Dungeon Rescue is a puzzle-crawler indie game. Where you play as dog to trace and match through monster parts to get treasure. You can rewind to correct mistake and save granny. Each XP points for each monster you face and if you want a doggy pixel indie make sure you buy this game.

Indie 2. Lionheart – Shiisanmei

Lionheart is a Japenese rpg indie game. You play as a hero named Leon Lionheart who seeks the Magic Labyrinth, “Libra Corridor. Leon is joined by  Justicar Maria Sinkirk, former mercenary Orsin and nun Emma on his journey. The game has 10 playable characters, 100 monsters and 3 difficulty settings. The combat system is like Dragon Quest and level up to unlock abilities. Upgrade your equipment to make you stronger  and also have original japenese voice actors. If you want a jrpg indie make sure you buy this game.

Indie 1.  Galaxy of Pen & Paper – Behold Studios

Galaxy of Pen & Paper is a  turn-based meta RPG indie game. The story is about a group of dice rollers fighting aliens to save the world. You can create your own party, unlock new content and decision making which you can expanded the story. There are ship battles and if you want a customization RPG make sure you buy this game and visit the website.

That’s it for today and make sure you support this indies and developers. See you next Sunday on Indies of the Week.

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