Indies of the Week #24 – Roguelike Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week #24! This weeks theme is Roguelike. Roguelike in indies game  has been popular during the 2010s. A hero must journey to a dungeon to complete his goal. Lets see what indies we got in-store today.

7. Noita – Nolla Games

Noita is a magical action rogue-lite indie game set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. The features Pixel-based physics which you can burn. explode and melt pixels. Cast spells to manipulate and defeat enemies. Permadeath is a factor in this game. If you want a pixel rogue-like indie game, make sure you check out the website and support this game.

6. The Slimeking’s Tower –  CodeManu

The Slimeking’s Tower is a roguelike indie game where you’ll have to reach the upper floor of a tower. The game features 300 items to collect on your journey. Unlock different character and equipment, explore different playstyles and 5 game modes. There are over 100 enemies, 20 challenge to solve and  procedural generated tower which changes everything you play. If you want a color rogue-like game make sure you buy the game on Steam.





5. Graze Counter –  Bikkuri Software

Graze Counter is a arcade style bullet hell shoot’em up indie game. Features of this game are 8 playable character with fighters. 5 stages, 3 difficulty levels and mission mode. Don’t worry there is a tutorial if you want to learn how to play. Collect stars and dodge the enemies attacks. Break Mode is to do major damage on enemies once you fill up the break gauge.  Graze Counter Gauge is a system where you counter the attack enemies and gamepad is supported. If you want a counter bullet-hell indie make sure to buy this game on Steam.





4. Demon Peak –  Kajak Games

Demon Peak is a 2D action-metroidvania indie platformer game. The game focus on close combat and movements. You play as a nameless warrior trapped inside a unholy mountain. Use weapons and magic to defeat enemies. Explore different rooms to gain loots and surprises on the way.   If you want a pixel metroidvania indie game make sure you buy this game on Steam.






3. Burn It Down – K Bros Games

Burn It Down is a side-scrolling puzzle indie platformer game. You play as a unnamed hero who lover is missing and your mission is to find her. The control is simple using the keyboard left and right to solve puzzles. Death counter are in this game as well as alternate endings. If you want a chilling pixel art indie make sure you buy this game on Steam and visit the website.





2. The Darkside Detective – Spooky Doorway


The Darkside Detective is a micro-adventure point and click indie game. You play as a Detective Francis McQuee who is investigating the supernatural.  There are 6 cases in this game for you to solve. At lease 3 jokes and a  one curse removal. Soundtrack is composed by Ben Prunty who did  FTL and Gravity Ghost. If you want a hd pixel humorous bite-size investigation game make sure you buy it on Steam and visit the website.






1 . The Initial – Restory Studio

The Initial is a a hyper action indie game. Story of the game is a group of schoolgirls with ESP power, battling a evil organization who wants to create artificial girls with ultimate power. Two heroines Ruri and Erika on a mission to stop them. The gameplay is based on high-speed arena which you can chain combos with weapons, block and evade enemies attack. Learn skills and abilities to export enemies weaknesses and use it to your advantage. There are challenge you must face such as traps, bosses and battle zone. If you want a lighting fast action indie game make sure to buy it on Steam.






That’s pretty all the indie for today! Make sure to support these developers and their games. Tune in next Sunday on Indies of the week.

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