Indies of the Week #22 – Traversal Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week #22. Today’s theme is traversal, indies have a processing of data and checking with each node.  Let’s see what indies we got in store for you guys.

Indie 7.  Bushiden – Pixel Arc Studios

Busiden is a cyber ninja action platformer indie game. The plot is your sister is kidnapped by a evil ruler named Gaoh and have to save her. The game reminds of Sega’s Shinobi series with 32bit graphics . The game features 7 levels (revisit them too), a crowd control system to defeat hordes of enemies. Purchase skills, spells and unlock new levels. If you want a pixel art cyber platformer make sure you support this game and visit the website.

Indie 6. Leilani’s Island – ishisoft

Leilani’s Island  is a tropical 2D  indie platformer . This game is inspirited by Donkey Kong,  Mario and Wario Land. The plot of the game is to help Leilani to take back her island. The basic control is roll, jump  and smash enemies. The game graphics reminds me of a Gameboy Color. At the end of the level you destroy a machine just like Sonic. You can interactive with fruit, enemies and solve puzzles. If you want a  tropical indie make sure you support this game and visit the website.

Indie 5. Mineko’s Night Market – Mineko Abe

Mineko’s Night Market is a cute simulation indie game about crafting crafts, eating eats, and catting cats. The features of this game is craft resources intro items to sell to people. Shop for gifts and collectibles from different vendors. There are mini games you can enjoy such as  cat racing, pachinko, and whack-a-tako. I have to say that the graphics are amazing looking. If you want entrepreneur or marketing indie game make sure to support the game and visit the website.

Indie 4. WORLD OF HORROR – Panstasz

WORLD OF HORROR is a indie that love letter to the cosmic horror work of Junji Ito.  The goal of the game is to solve mystery of towns and realm. All you need  is a bit aesthetics of early Macintosh computers. The plot of the game is Disgusting creatures terrorize a small seaside town in Japan as reality starts to crumble, and the Old Gods reawaken to sate their primal hunger.  If you want a mystery indie game make sure you support this game.

Indie 3. Inverness Nights – Kitsubasa

Inverness Nights is a Scottish visual novel indie game. You play as a  immortal tailor named Tristram Rose who has a skills to repairs clothing and his healing power that would trouble the town. The game features Over 65,000 words of dialogue,  Three story routes and two endings. There is 90 minutes of playthough and four hours of gameplay with each path.  20 lush illustrations showcasing the finest in 18th century fashion and pastel colour scheme. If you want a Scottish fashion indie this game is for and make sure you support the game.

Indie 2. Antiquia Lost –  Exe Create Inc

Antiquia Lost is a turn-based role playing indie. You play as a young hero named Bine who journeys with a heroine who is a slime. The heroine  Lunaria can mimic monster and eat gems to make her stronger also learn new skills. You can select characters to be the head of the party with special skills such as smashing rocks or squeezing through narrow gaps. Plant seeds and harvest items to help you on your quest.  Developed weapons, arenas you can fight enemies and endless challenges. If you want a slime girl RPG indie game make sure to buy this game.

 Indie 1 . Radiation Age – MJ Bros

Radiation Age is a tactical RPG game set in a post–apocalyptic world. You control inhabitants in order to survive in the  outside world. The game features humans and mutants with unique abilities and skills. Look for artifacts that can turn the tide of the mission. Combat is turn-based with limited action points have equipment such as armor, guns and more. There are two mission types Main missions move the story forward and while additional ones allow heroes to develop and strengthen their abilities. If you want a tactical RPG  post–apocalyptic indie game make sure you buy this game and support it on Indiegogo.

That’s pretty much it and thanks for reading this indie of the week post and tune in for more in the future.  Make sure you support these developers and check out these indies.

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