Indies of the Week #21 – Worlds Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week. Today’s theme is worlds, worlds in indies transcend throughout gameplay  and story. Whether the world is dark, light and neutral.  Let’s see what indies we got in-store for today

Indie 7.  Fell Seal – Eyes Studio

Fell Seal is a tactical RPG which takes inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics. You lead a squad of Arbiters of fight monsters and officials. There are several different classes such as Plague Doctor, Ranger, Templar, Gadgeteer and many more. Each Class has abilities  and skills to utilize in battle. Character Cutomization let you build your own character and edit your squad.  If you want a pixel art tactical RPG buy this game and visit the website.

Indie 6. FIGHT KNIGHT – Thomas LeBlanc

Fight Knight is a first person dungeon crawler brawler indie. You play as a Knight  who is fighting his way into The Tower. The game has 8+ zones with puzzles, NPC and enemies.  The game combat is robust, block, punch, dodge and counter. You can Choose your own style such as equipping items, super moves and more. If you want a retro style dungeon crawler support the Kickstarter.

Indie 5. Bannerman – Armitage Games

Bannerman is a medieval action-adventure indie. The game’s main concept is  historical swordsmanship. You play as a  man-at-arms who is left for dead and discover your lord’s banner has been lost. Fight enemies with you weapons such as sword, arrows  and more. The game’s combat is all about timing and patience with block, parry and stab. Discover treasures to get items and learn new techniques. If you want a medevil type indie buy this game on Steam.

Indie 4. My Time At Portia – Pathea Games

My Time at Portia is a simulation open world RPG indie game. The goal of the game is make the best workshop in Portia. There is many things to in this game such as going to school, jobs, workout and more. Marriage and dating is also available for this game. The player can gather materials such as cutting down tress, plant your garden, mine ruins and more. There are two ways to play you can gather relics and ores. Fight monsters in the dungeon and build your own items. If you want a monster and workshop simulator make sure to buy this game on Steam.

Indie 3. Arbiter – Jordan Scott

Arbiter is a hack n slash transformation indie game. You play as a Arbiter named Ashe who is on a mission to defeat demonic spirits. The game is inspired by   Kingdom Hearts, Dark Souls, Zelda, Ikaruga and Mega-Man. Defeating give you orbs to unlock techniques and spirit abilities. There are six levels in the game making the game five hours long. You transform two sprites Ethers (white) and Umbras (black) but you have to absorbed or attack the opposite type. These are the same developer that did RWBY: Grimm Eclipse.  If you want a transformation indie make sure you support the Kickstarter

Indie 2. Little Red Lie –  WZOGI

Little Red Lie is a narrative-focused interactive fiction indie game. You play as Sarah Stone and Arthur Fox, which the game explores family of middle class and the rich. The game is about lies and how to you interaction with people and environment. You have to lie to save your personal financial and personal future. If you want a game that lies make sure to buy the game on Steam.

Indie 1 . Selling Sunlight – CoseBelle

Selling Sunlight is a role-playing game indie. You play as a masked merchant traveling in a fantasy world that doesn’t move anymore. You can interact with merchants, nomads, musicians, scholars and many more. Exchange gifts to friends and letters to keep in touch. Explore Red Temple, Green Hamlet and many more places. As a merchant you can trade, offer information, discounts and more. If you want a water color role playing game make sure to buy this game.

That’s it for today tune in next time for more indies and have a great summer.

Author: anjimplays

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