Indies of the Week #20 – Precise Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another indies of the week #20! This weeks theme is precise, indie games intended to have precise  detail in them. So without further ado let’s see what indies we have in store today.

5. No70: Eye of Basir – Oldmoustache Gameworks

No70: Eye of Basir” is a story based first person perspective adventure game which focused on investigation. You take control of Aras and Erhan who trying to solve a mystery of strange occurrence. The game features story-based puzzles, wonderful atmosphere and Psyhcological Horror. If you want a  first person puzzle game make sure you buy this on Steam.

4. The Maid_san’s Caving Adventure – KoheiGallery 

The Maid_san’s Caving Adventure is a cave explore. You play as a maid wondering into a cave filled with monster. The features of this game you can tremble to avoid enemies, Time bonus which earn you stars and sneezing with entering puddles. If you want an anime maid that wonder in caves buy this game on Steam along with Moe Mekuri SP.

3. Unto The End –  2 Ton Studios

Unto The End is a 2D cinematic combat adventure indie game. You play as a warrior who is out for vengeance. The features of this game are sword-based tactical combat and there are routes in the game based on choice. Also the game takes inspiration from Punch-Out!!, INSIDE, Bushido Blade, and For Honor. If you want a rich cinematic indie buy this game on Steam.

2. Drifting Lands – Alkemi

Drifting Lands is a shoot em up hybrid action-role playing game. The gameplay is inspired by Diablo. The game has 100 levels of difficulty, customization of your abilities and skills. 70 active and passive powers, 3 classes and item generation system . If you want a unquie hack n’ slash shoot em up make sure you buy this game on Steam.

1 .   All You Can Eat – Gamechuck

All You Can Eat is a comic strip indie game. The story of the game is you play as a man who is lazy and quit his job. There is a twist he spends his time at a all you can eat buffet but it’s on the vague of closing down. It’s up to you to get a regular job or save it. The gameplay features is interaction with objects and create your own story. Once you finished with your story you can print it out. If you want a laid-back comic indie then buy the game on Steam.

That’s all for today and due in next week for Indies of the Week. See you again and check out these indies and support the developers.

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