Indies of the Week #19 – Playful Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another Indies of the Week #19.  This weeks theme is playful, indies has a playful aspect as far as artwork and gameplay. Let’s see what playful indies we have today.

Indie 10.Mermaid Splash Passion Festival – Sofdelux Studio

Mermaid Splash Passion Festival is a cute visual novel featuring Mermaids. You play as Cici a mermaid who wants to enter a Passion Festival to showcase her hobby. But Cici lack focus and she needs you help to do it. The game features Mix and match your passion and love with 4 passions and 4 romance options. 23 endings,37k+ word count and 52 random events. You can choose 8 outfits for Cici and 2-3 hours of gameplay. If you want a cute mermaid visual novel buy this game. It’s available on

Indie 9.  EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK – Nathalie Lawhead

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK is still in development and the genre of the indie is unknown. This game has a collection of life experiences, commentary on struggle, and oddly enough my own version of a power-fantasy. Basely you can use your own power to defeat enemies and based on points of view.  I am liking the Windows 98 motif it bring back memories. If you want to indie make sure you support and download the early access at Gamejolt.

Indie 8. Beyond Eden –  Studio Pieplus

Beyond Eden is a visual novel indie about love and revenge in a Victoria era. You play as Alex Wake who is trying to destroying a aristocratic family. The game features same-sex relationship between men with 20 events. 6 romantic interested and individual stories. 17 endings with each choice you make. There is in-game interaction and 15-25 hours of gameplay. More than 70 elaborately illustrated event graphics and Korean voice acting. If you want to LGBT visual novel support this game and buy it on Steam.

Indie 7. Airtone – historia Inc

Airtone is a air rhythm VR action indie game. All you have to do is move your hands to the markers flying towards you, then shake, trace, or pull the controller trigger to catch them in time. There are 25 tracks and 75 charts available. This game reminds me Hatsune Miku Project Diva X and you have a room too. You can unlock things to put on your room too. If you want a Miku like VR game buy this on Steam.

Indie 6. Kindergarten –  Connor Boyle and Sean Young

Kindergarten is a abstract puzzle adventure indie game. You play as You play as a student in a school and teacher tries get rid of student (0_0). The features of the game is destroy school property, take part in show and tell, Solve a missing person’s case and other Kindergarten things. If you want a Kindergarten indie game make sure you buy it on Steam I will.

Indie 5. Vidar – Razbury Games

Vidar is a action role-playing indie game. The story of the game is In the middle of a blizzard, a community’s remaining citizens are forced to confront their impending deaths. Basely the concept of the game is loss and the story changes. You have to enter dungeon and stop everyone in two from dying. The features of the game are four unique puzzle biomes,  Explore themes of grief, community and more. Side quests, rewards and the story determined by who lives and who dies. If you want a tragic rpg game make sure to buy it on Steam.

Indie 4, The Vagrant – O.T.K Games

The Vagrant is a action role-playing indie game. This reminds me of Odin Sphere based on the hand painted visuals. you play as  Vivian the Vagrant, a traveling sellsword, following your father’s research note to reunite with your family. The features of the game are 70+ enemies, 6+ massive level sets and multiple endings. Various weapons, items and loot to collection on your adventure. Monsterpedia that allow s you to collect monster data as you defeat them. Fast travel to different places without having to walk. Craft and enchant your equipment that affect your combat performance and 4 types of difficulty. If you want a hand-paint indie action-role playing game make sure to buy this on Steam.

“Indie 3. Omega Strike – Woblyware

Omega Strike is an action-adventure indie game with multiple playable characters.  The game feature three playable heroes with unique special abilities and you can switch between them at anytime. There is weapon upgrades and loot to collect. There are 7 worlds to explore and if you want a action adventure make sure you support this game and visit the website.

Indie 2. Amber Magic’s Shop – WinterWolves Games

Amber Magic’s Shop is a visual novel indie game. You play as a dark elf named Amber who decided she should become an alchemist. The features of this game are over 35 CGs backgrounds and dating/crafting simulation mechanic. There are yuri and otome relationships and two ploy romance. You can also build you own shop and muiltple endings. If you want a magic shop dating/crafting simulation make sure to buy it.

Indie 1 .   LUCAH – melessthanthree

Lucah is a action-role playing indie game about a nighmare world. The main story is children with innate magical powers that are hunted and feared for the destructive potential they hold. After a terrifying dream, they wake into a distorted and hellish ritual space. The features of this game is you are marked and you have to fend off nightmares. There is two types of combat projectile and melee. There is a Sin & Punishment difficulty system allows you to create the perfect experience for your skill level. You can customization of movesets to fit your playstyle and character. If you want a nighmare indie make sure you support the Kickstarter.

That’s all for today and tune in next Sunday for indies of the week. Make sure you support these amazing developers.

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