Indies of the Week #17 – Puzzle Indie Gaming Sunday

Welcome to another addition of  indies of the week! This weeks them is puzzle, in Indies game you have to accomplish a obstacle.. Let’s  see what indies games what have in store in for today.

Indie 5. Bokube – Conception Games

Bokube is a puzzle game that takes inspiration from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Sokoban. It’s a push bock platformer which you can trap and block enemies. Camera mechanic is also feature on this game like zoom and rotate. Each 70 level has four puzzle cubes and 8 different worlds. Note: the levels change difficulty along with Easter eggs and scents. Gameplay wise there are 40+ traps to use on 56 enemies and 10 bosses. Special cut-scenes and presentation are in this game featuring Boku friends. If you want a light hearted puzzle platformer. Support it on Kickstarter, try the demo and visit the website.

Indie 4. Lydia – Platonic Partnership Ltd

Here is a story about a little girl being in a adult world. Lydia is a point and click indie game. Where you play as the titular character and discover a monster is out there. Lydia put you in a perspective of little girl seeing the world in adults along with her teddy bear. Which you want a there is a monster in the closet story buy this game on Steam and visit the website.

Indie 3. Savage: Road to Darkness –  Artcle Studio

Savage is a 2D Adventure/platform which combines  traditional animation combined with digital art. You play as a gator named Oni Wani who is trying to uncover the mystery about his past. Akuma no Rakuen (Devil’s Paradise) is the setting of the game. Oni can uses Ninjutsu, Shinobigana (Different types of ninjaken with effects), chakra and other shinobi technique.   If you want a ninja like indie game make sure you support the Kickstarter and visit the website.

Indie 2. HAZELNUT BASTILLE – Aloft Studio

HAZELNUT BASTILLE is a top-down action adventure which takes inspiration from Legend of Zelda. You play as a young woman who is a journey to order to retrieve something that was taken from her. The Heroine can receive help and go on side-quests. There is items to craft and equip on your journey. If you want a top-down quest game visit the website and sign up for the demo.

Indie 1 .   Pantera –  VaragtP

Plantera is a plant simulation game where you can grow your own plants, bushes, trees and animals. The game reminds you of Terraria and you have to expand your garden to attract helpers. There is a level system for planting and watch for critter who want to destroy your garden. If you want a plant growing simulator, it’s available on Steam now and visit the website.

That’s all for Indies of the Week, tune in next Sunday for the next one. Make sure you support these developers and creators.

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