Indies of the Week #18 – Awesome Con 2017 Edition


Sorry for not posting indies of the week last Sunday . I was busy with Awesome Con 2017 and Father’s day. So I went to the Indie circle at Awesome Con and I got hands on experience with the games. Here are some indies I tried out.

15. Blind Blades – HeaveKeyStudios

Blind Blades is a black and white Bushido Blade style indie. You play as a black and white Samurai. All it takes is one kill to win the game. You have to move your own background just like Splatoon. There is a button to change the arena to all black or white depending on the color of the samurai.  Multiplayer is local you can do free for all or team battle whatever you choose.  If you want a fun samurai game buy it on steam and support HeavyKeyStudios.

14. Haberdashery – Luna Wolf Studios

Haberdashery is a runner and avoid indie game. Your goal is collect treasures and avoid hazards. I forgot to mention there is a dragon waiting to eat you. You collect hats which can change the gameplay and buy them in slots. If you want a sheep runner download this game on the site.

13. DinoBlaster –  Casey Labrack

DinoBlaster is a dodge arcade-style indie game. Dinoblaser uses Brontoscan vector graphics which reminds me of Atari. You control dinosaurs and the goal is not getting hit by asteroids. The concept of this game is dinosaurs are going extinct due to asteroids. There are game modes such as 2-player local multplayer, Oviraptor ( score attack) and more. Difficulty are available and Roids Only (custom game). If you want a Atari style dinosaur game make sure to buy it on Steam.


12. Bedlamball – Solidplasma

Bedlamball is a air hockey indie game. The game takes inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes (Calvinball).  The goal of the game is to move the ball into your opponents side. You can modified, the game such as speed, ball and etc. 2vs2 local multiplayer battle (4 players) is also in this game. 6 characters has unique abilities and specialty to change the game. If you want a fun air hockey game make sure to buy it on Steam.

11. That Rock Paper Scissors Game – Philosoplay

That Rock Paper Scissors Game is a fun multiplayer featuring rock paper scissors. This is a 3 player battle to get the highest score to win. You can choose rock, paper and scissors. For example Scissor beats paper, Rock beats paper and so on. Collect powers ups to win or escape each other. There are other games modes like teaming up against zombie rock paper scissor or 2 vs 1. If you want a cool rock, paper and scissor indie buy this game on Steam.

10. Legacy of the Shards – Andrea Wozniak

Legacy of the Shards is a 3D platformer indie game. This game kind of reminds me  Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker. The story is Aren is trying to find out what happen to your parents. Your friends help you build a aircraft to travel to other islands to look for clues. Aren can glide to higher places and teleport from locations. Talk to NPCs to get rewards and advance the plot.  If you want a coming of age indie make sure you support this game.

9. Drift Space Zero – Tetricom Studios

Drift Space Zero is a space driving game with visuals . This game has 4-players mode which you can compete locally. The coarse are at random and it’s a currently a alpha at the moment. If you want this game it’s available now on

8. Justice Royale – Zapling Studios

Justice Royale is a beat’em up indie game. This game is only on the Ipad and mobile. You have to use both hands to control the character and attack. Customization is available and skills for your characters. If you want a interactive beat’em up game make sure you support the game.

7. Canari – PixelBotGames

Canari is science fiction dual stick action rogue-like indie game. You play as a rogue light utility bot who tries to survive in a hostile land. Use you light to defeat creatures and store energy for equipment.  There us repayable value and customization your robots.  Find hidden treasures in caverns. If you want a early access to this game go to

6. Mister Mart – Studio 217

Mister Mart is a VR indie game. Where you are working at a super market and you have to defeat with angry customers. All you have to do is to keep your stress level down and get a high school. The fun part is you can punch and slap angry customers who return items to your bin. If you stress level is high it’s game over. If you want a stress relive game buy it on Steam.

5. Clash Cup Turbo – Root76Games

Clash Cup Turbo is a colorful air hockey indie game. There is 1-4 local and online multiplayer. 5 levels and 8 characters with unique abilities.  There are two multiplayer modes free-to-all and team match. You can change the way you play as well. If you want a fun hockey indie game make sure you support on Steam.

4. The Poisoned Pawn – Big Finish Games

The Poisoned Pawn is a FMV indie game. You play as a detective named detective who wants to revisit various cases about his past. The support 4K full motion video, VR support and Twitch Integration. If you are stuck on a case there is a hint system. If you want a FMV detective indie game make sure you support the game.

3. Interstellar Invaders – InterstellarTortoise

Interstellar Invaders is a Space Invader style indie game. All you have to do in the game is to defend the city from aliens. You can block fireballs and try to defeat the aliens. If you want to play a Atari style game make sure you support it.

2. Where Shadows Slum – Game Revenant


Where Shadows Slum is a brooding puzzle game indie game. You control of a man who is searching for redemption. This is a puzzle game on the android and Iphone. Make the shadows to make bridges and paths to get where ever you need to get to.  If you want a light and dark game buy it on Google play and App Store.


1 .    Crowd Wave Simulator 2017 – Joshua Jennings

Crowd Wave Simulator 2017 is a fun indie game where you click on blue people to make this cheer. Be careful to not click on the red guys and the yellow is more points. There is a boss at the end and you can shot the boss. If you want to play this game make sure you support it.

That’s all the day and I am sorry about Sunday. I had fun at Awesome Con 2017 and  I hope to play more indies. Tune in this Sunday for the regular indie of the week.



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