Indies of the Week #9 – Unique Indie Gaming Sunday

Every indies is unique in some way.


Happy Eastern to all of you and welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week. This week’s theme is unique because I think indies are different and special in anyway. Let’s see what day’s indies will in store today.

Indie 8. Proxyndic – ?


This indie is a  Sci-fi action role-playing game, You play as a business man who battles rivaling syndicates. Note: There is not direct storyline in this game which developer stated. Also this game gives you freedom to whatever they want, joining three factions. There is alot of things to do such as playing card game, buying or sell stock, You can make your own syndicate and hire people as well. As for the combat you can use weapons and hand to hand, there is a survival system which you can eat, drink, sleep, and cleanse make sure you keep yourself happy. If you want a cyberpunk style indie game support it on Stream Greenlight.

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Indie 7. The Letter –  Yangyang Mobile


This is a indie visual novel which you take control of seven people who found themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of madness plaguing the Ermengarde Mansion for centuries. The game has a non-chronological storytelling with seven chapters with stunning artwork and character design. The features a dialogue tree depending on your choice also there is a relationship system with quick time events. This game features English voice acting and 90 achievement if you are up to it. If you want a myserious visual novel game make sure to buy it. The Letter will be available on Q2 2017.


Indie 6. Spark the Electric Jester –  Feperd Games

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This indie reminds me of Sonic, Gunstar Heroes and other Sega Genesis platformers. You play as a Jester named Spark who lost his job who was replace by a robot. Now out for revenge Spark has to destroy all robots to get his job back. The gameplay is Spark can transform into based on the items you get. I am loving the 16bit graphics and soundtrack bring nostalgia into the game. If you want a 16bit action platformer buy this game.  Spark the Electric Jester is available now on Steam.


Indie 5. 救う(SHE SAVE) – ichthyostego


This is indie is a very unique short action game, you play as a girl with horns fighting against dragons. In the game you can’t jump you only move left or right. You All you have is your sword, shield and magic. Also you have numbers of health on top of the character’s head. If you want a short indie game buy it. Make sure you support this game on Stream Greenlight.

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Indie 4. Widower’s Sky – Whaleo

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This indie is a puzzle platformer game which you play as a father, son and their dog on a adventure to find a new home. They go through portals to venture into new worlds with unknown possibilitie. In this game you fight against wildfire to survive with your familty. The landscapes and the environments looks amazing along with English voice acting. If you want a great looking indie game this is for you. Widower’s Sky will be available on the first half of 2017 and visit the website

Indie 3. Eagle Island –  Nick Gregory

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This is another 16bit inspired 2d platformer  indie game. You play as a man named Quill and one of his loyal owl Koji to face off against a monstrous eagle named Armaura. The gameplay you fight with Koji to defeat enemies also you collect Totems for elemental powers and perform combos but you need ancient gems to do it. There are nine themed areas( you’ll never see the same terrain formation twice) and items to power up Koji but  Quill and Koji can carry a limited number of perks at one time. If you want a buddy indie game this is for you and make sure to support it on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.


Indie 2. Howard Phillips Lovecar – Przemek Müller


This indie is a action shooter game which you drive a car with a Tommy gun orshotgun fighting against demons  (The Great Old Ones). This game is inspired by Devil Daggers + GTA1 with it top-down gameplay. The game is fast-paced and reminds me of a old arcade game in the 90s. If you want a top-down shooter indie support it on Stream Greenlight and download the demo.

Indie 1. Rephaim: The Shattered City – SkullBat Studio


This indie is a 2D adventure platformer with light RPG elements and take inspiration from NES and Master System classics. You play as a Mother of Exiles who has to the mark her ancestors to help her people. The gameplay  you fight with weapons, spells and gain equipment to make yourself stronger. You learn skills such as dodge their attacks , exploit their weaknesses, manage your health, stamina and manna. On your adventure make sure you avoid traps, hazards and gain strength by consuming the residue of your ancestors’s  power. The game graphic is low-regulations 8-bit style and has a original soundtrack. If you want a ancient mythology indie support this game on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.


That’s pretty much the end of Indies of the Week for today. I hope you have a great Easter and make sure to look out for the indies and support them.

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